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Anyone want to help me test a scenario?
10-27-2019, 05:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-27-2019, 05:14 AM by Warhorse.)
Anyone want to help me test a scenario?
It uses my mod based on the new update. It includes all that is in the update, plus redid all the armor values, as well as speeds and weapons values. Used Lorrin Birds work and various other penetration value data based on 500 meters @ 30 degree angle. Also added HEAT, APCR and other special ammunition types to weapons that used them, they are picked in the usual way from the Command dialog. Added a ton of units after I shipped the update to Rich as well, also has all Hungarian, Rumanian and POLISH in it now, as well as a bunch of missing German and Russian kit. I have three scenario's I am testing, one each of the Minor countries I mentioned. The one I would like to test right now is Nikolaev, a Hungarian advance against a dug in Soviet defender. Contains elements of the Mobile Brigade including the armor they had. This mod is activated using JSGME, so it won't overwrite anything permanent. Please sound off if interested. Description of scenario follows-

Onward to Nikolaev

On the evening of 10 August 1941, the German XXXXVIII. Armeekorps

(mot.) received orders to break off it's southward course to
Nikolaev, and turn over the mission of it's capture to the Hungarian
Mobile Corps. On the morning of 12 August 1941 the XXXXVIII Armeekorps
(mot.) launched it's attack, 16. PzDiv and LSSAH-Brigade moved
east and then south, taking Novy Bug, Novo Poltavka, and Novo
Georgiyevka by evening. The Mobile Corps advanced south between
the Bug and Ingul rivers. They ran into well dug-in positions
of the 96th Mountain Rifle Division, screened with minefields,
it was going to be awhile...

Pic of the advancing Hungarian Mobile Corps
[Image: Nikolaev.jpg]
Meine Ehre heisst Treue

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