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New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
11-14-2019, 02:42 AM,
RE: New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
(11-13-2019, 09:39 PM)Indragnir Wrote:
(11-13-2019, 01:33 PM)Strela Wrote: Hi there,

Re 78th Infanterie Divisions, it is definitely GR.14

My go to source for German Infantry Division layouts confirms it here; http://www.diedeutschewehrmacht.de/78%20inf%20div.htm

Translated to English it mentions; 

The Inf.Reg.238 is dissolved on 11.11.1941 and by the Inf.Reg.14 I.-III.Btl. replaced, from 10.12.1941 without III., The Div. becomes on the 01/01/1943 the Sturm Div. reclassified.

So it definitely had the 14th Regt from November '41 and my notes from Moscow '42 mentions that the III Battalion was disbanded on Dec 9th, 1941.

I'd double check the attachment of 141st regiment as I can't find any reference to this regiment online beyond the First World War.


That's clarifying.
Maybe when I was translating from winter battle german website I did read Inf.Reg.14 I as Inf.Reg.141 and assumed they were the reinforcements sent to replenish the division after summer battles.
As I said earlier I don't have all my sources here but seems likely.

I will change it (and Primary movement). Budapest is taking a lot of time but those changes are quite minor and should be done quickly.



If you look in the notes published with the game I had found a listing of units in 9. AOK for 11/25/42 in the NARA Archives. This listing goes down to regiment/battalion and was used to create the German OOB. That is about as accurate as you can get. I would have to dig up and find all my docs (I just recently moved and stuff is still packed away) but I had taken a trip to the archives and at that time printed out over 100 pages from the various Armee/Korps and Division files.

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