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New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
10-12-2019, 06:33 PM,
RE: New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
(10-11-2019, 08:15 PM)Indragnir Wrote: This an interesting topic. I really changed my mind about Alternate Fire rules like a dozen times, because I agree with your thougths, however if those rules are not checked in, the germans at Kharkov area would need really higher defense values, higher fatigue recovery (that affects both sides), a lot more of firepower and good replacement rating to try to hold the red tide like they did historicaly.
Thanks César. Good to understand the rationale behind your choices. That all makes sense to me.

Part of the problem I have is that I hate high casualty rates but as the Russian player I guess you just have accept it and keep on attacking. This is what actually happened, after all. But I have always thought it is a shame that there is such a big difference when using the Alternative Fire rules. It would be nice to have something in between that takes into account unit density without being quite so dramatic. But it is what it is and choices have to be made.   

I have sent you and email regarding the list. There are some gaps but you may be able to fill these from sources you have. Let me know if anything else is needed.
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