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New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
10-10-2019, 07:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-10-2019, 07:31 PM by Indragnir.)
RE: New Campaign Game for Rzhev '42 Gold
(10-10-2019, 05:56 PM)Green Wrote: Amazing job! So many changes and innovations that it will be like a whole new game. Cannot wait to try it out and see how it plays. Expect some feedback in due course :)

At this stage my only question relates to the German infantry having a 'HA range 0 but high value'. This seems like a great idea to me but wouldn't you need to use the Alternative Assault Resolution rule for this to work? It is not in your list of optional rules.   

Also it is really good to hear you are going to work on Budapest '45. If you are redoing the OOB, can I ask if you will be adding the names of the Soviet Division and Corps commanders? I could try to create a list of these if that would be of any help. I know it is an unimportant detail but it has always bugged me that they are missing.

Thank you!

You're right. I had a crash in the middle of researching that forced to me to redo almost from the start all scenario working (notes were safe but uncompleted), so I somewhat thought AAR was stated as recommended, my bad. This should be played with AAR on.  I will correct the notes. Any more inconsistencies you find please let me know.

Regarding Budapest, of course I plan to put names there (and I'm updating the OoB), if you have a list I would gladly accept it.

PS: if you like it you can check my other Grand Campaign Variants (Kharkov 42, Korsun 44, Alamein 42, Anzio 44):
Alamein for example has 280 changes to GC. Korsun has so many I decided not to log them all but just group them.

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