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Karkov 43
09-15-2019, 06:15 PM,
Karkov 43
Karkov 43, February 8, 1943. Great Campaign, phase 65.

Brief Soviet report.
North front:
The German player entrenched himself in Korocha, the Soviet player advanced towards Belgorod, then the German player decided to leave the Korocha defense line due to the risk of isolation and decided to go back to Belgorod in search of a more stable line of defense on the Severny river Donets, this river is being used as a defense line across the entire front.
 Korocha is released and a parade is celebrated in its streets in honor of the commander who commands this operation from the armchair of his house with a beer in his hand Propeller Hat .

Central Front:
The all powerful 3ºET continues to push from the beginning of hostilities, with a very controlled advance since it starts with the damaged units. The German player slowly withdraws by delaying the Soviet player, while struggling to create the Severny Donets river defense line. Even so, strong German casualties of the SS are achieved thanks to the tool that causes the most artillery pain, thanks to this tool the progress continues with a constant march and fulfilling the expectations of this HQ in my house and the always vigilant STAVKA. It is a matter of hours that the last German units to cross the bridge of Severny Donets in Staryy Saltov do so and thus terminate their withdrawal and prepare to endure another push for the struggle of the river.
Free cities and where the parades, Kupyans, Budarka, Verlikiy Burlok and Volchansk are repeated.
South front:
The conquest of the cities of Slavyansk and Barvenkovo becomes impossible after a few first test contacts with their defense lines, it is decided to dig into this entire river line waiting for new instructions and reinforcements.
The Popov Group begins so weakened in its beginning that it would be suicide to use it for this purpose, a less dangerous maneuver was decided and that resulted in the isolation of the city of Izyum and a good number of units captured from the different infantry divisions of area.

It is very much needed in the reinforcement consultation to know if these reinforcements are complete units or are weakened, an offensive cannot be scheduled without knowing this.
Meeting the expectations of the progress of reality is impossible, the Soviet player has no capacity for movement, morality and movement should not influence this point.

At the moment I am having a lot of fun, my opponent is playing hard Whip .
We will continue to inform.
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09-16-2019, 12:24 AM,
RE: Karkov 43
Thumbs Up  If possible, provide some screenshots with each area.
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