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Confused about combat results
08-17-2019, 11:07 PM,
Confused about combat results
Hi, After playing FOG2 I've decided to dig out my old AW games again.

I'm really enjoying them but the combat results seem at odds with the manual.

I see a lot of Attacker follows up messages but hardly any units recoiling or retreating.

What usually happens is the defender becomes disrupted but stays put and the attacker follows up and becomes disrupted,
but not in an uncontrolled advance.

Once a had a Legionary unit attack a unit in the rear, killed 9 troops, got the attacker follows up message, disrupted then withdrew and turned away !

As I see it in the manual it says that units only become disrupted in combat if in uncontrolled advance or attacked from the rear, they should recoil in combat and not disrupt and stay in place.

Also in the Reaction test results it says that only Irregular troops should get in an uncontrolled advance but my Legionaries do quite often.

Sorry for the long winded questions !
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08-20-2019, 04:28 AM,
RE: Confused about combat results
More testing against Gaul warbands and experienced Phalangites with experienced Legions.

The only results are disrupted but staying in place with the opponents following up, or routing.

This is either a bug or the manual is wrong.
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