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Are You Enjoying CEF - Eylau-Friedland?
08-07-2019, 12:03 AM,
Are You Enjoying CEF - Eylau-Friedland?
Its been almost 5 mos. since Campaign Eylau-Friedland came out. Are you guys enjoying the game?

Lots of good scenarios in that one to play. I am always looking to get feedback from the gamers so after you finish your games if you want to send me a game file please do so. Just email me via the forum to let me know you have a file and I will reply. Send the file to me after you get the reply OR you can just post it on the forum for me to grab.

Hoping to hear back from you guys after you finish your game but comments now are nice too. Please limit your comments to work that I did - artwork and Main Program ideas are out of my dept.
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