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Which PzC game to buy?
07-24-2019, 10:14 AM,
Which PzC game to buy?
Hi everyone, 

I've decided to buy my first Panzer Campaigns game (don't tell my wife!) and I was wondering if there were any recommendations? Is it purely a case of picking a battle/theatre you are interested in (I've always liked North Africa) or are there any other differences to favour one over another? Thanks.
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07-24-2019, 01:05 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
You got here at the right time ... all of the Panzer Campaigns series have been updated to the Gold level. New artwork, features, scenarios. The series has been around for a long time but its seeing a Renaissance of its own.

Dont think you can go wrong with any of them but I would highly recommend the El Alamein game. It not only has El Alamein (1 & 2) but also the Gazala battles and more.
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07-24-2019, 04:26 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
Depends on what kind of game you want. Do you want a varied theatre with beach landings, airborne operations, grinding battles and speedy operational maneuvers ?
For example, if you dont like grinding battles against fortified positions would say there are definitely some games to avoid.

Also, do you like monster scenarios ? Or would prefer small/middle sized scenarios ? Some games have few small/middle sized scenarios other have more (Tunisia '43).

Also, have you tried the Demo (Mius '43) ?
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07-24-2019, 04:34 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
Thanks for the feedback guys.

A grinding battle against a fortified position is not my ideal game. But I do prefer games with large scenarios or even preferably campaigns.

I'll give the demo a go and I might have to take my ipad back from my son as I think I put a PzC game on there some years ago but never really give it a go.
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07-24-2019, 06:32 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
All the titles are now updated to the same level regardless of their age, all contain the same mix of big and small scenarios and you will find opponents for any of them, so the best advice is to pick a title that cover a part of the war that interests you and you can't go far wrong.  Wink
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07-24-2019, 07:56 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
Ok, thanks Mr Grumpy, I think that sounds fair. As I said I do like North Africa, so I guess El Alamein is my first choice. My only dilemma is whether or not to pick a few and take advantage of the 20% discount for spending over $200!
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07-24-2019, 08:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-24-2019, 09:00 PM by Xaver.)
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
If you prefer mobile combat and you want avoid grinding battles and with long campaings east titles are better option in general.

Stalingrad42 is a classic to enter in the serie, you have summer and november combats offering enough big actions more focused in movement because the city combat even when is present is not necesary something you are going to play.

Kharkov42 and 43 are 2 good titles to and offer mobile combat to.

If you want some west action... Bulge44 and France40, this 2nd title offer a monster campaign and compared with Normandy44 is a lot more mobile, bulge has a "smaller" campaign but is usually a loved title for guys from the other side of the ocean  Helmet Wink

For me, other good titles are Budapest45 (the only one covering last year of war... but this could change in future hehehe), Tunis43 and Sicily43... even i can add Salerno43 but all them are titles with non monster campaigns but offer a good set of middle size scens.

In general every title offer scens you are going to enjoy (Minsk44, Moscow titles, Smolensk...) if you have interest in a campaign battle try this.

Buy them in the pack made you have one title for free... i do this one time to have a 5th title as gift but i dont like a lot how works the discount model in Tiller games because i buy titles i like when are released and wait to buy 4 is  Cry and could not be an interesting 5th title avaliable... here i prefer every time you buy a game receive a discount code of 5%, in the end 20% / 4 titles = 5% something i see more flexible to buy without hold until you are going to buy 4 games... in the discounted titles simple dont offer the discount code when buy one.

PD: if you are going try buy in pack you could add one of PzB titles... Normandy and North Africa are a good complement for PzC with a smaller scale... FWW is another good serie but is better you test it... i dont know why the serie lacks a demo.
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07-24-2019, 10:31 PM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
Also, Modern Campaigns are good as well. Really, an extension of PzCs.
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07-25-2019, 01:26 AM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
I think Smolensk and El Alamein and Tobruk are wide open affairs.

Three really good campaigns that I have played and had a lot of fun with.
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07-25-2019, 08:45 AM,
RE: Which PzC game to buy?
I ended up just getting El Alamein at this stage. I realised that buying 5 titles to get the discount would mean I was the proud owner of something like 400 scenarios...probably a little overkill.
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