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Heads up regarding PzC Gold titles and Volcano Mod's files
06-11-2019, 05:44 AM,
zicon 3  Heads up regarding PzC Gold titles and Volcano Mod's files
Hi All,
As we know in the past many players on this ladder have enjoyed downloading the Mod files from Ed Williams Volcano Mod site, this could bring you three benefits to any title you added them to...……
1) Additional scenarios in the form of Alternate (_alt) versions of the stock scenarios
2) Expansion packs for certain scenarios containing additional maps and scenarios
3) Alternate graphics, these files replaced the stock graphics.
When the PzC titles were updated to Gold Standard as well as a number of other improvements items 1) and 2) were added to the titles by default removing the need to obtain these files from Volcano Mods.
However although David’s team updated the old graphics with their own excellent versions these are not the same graphics your can obtain from Volcano Mods and it is possible there players out there who might want to still use Ed’s graphics instead?

(Let me be 100% clear at this point I am not saying either set of graphics files are in anyway superior to the others) Wink 
Assuming that this might be the case I thought it would be a good idea to provide some advice on what you should do if you want to add Ed’s graphics to a PzC title that has been updated to Gold Standard.
You should not download these files into the game folder, instead you should place them in a temporary folder on your desktop (for example) and delete all of the .SCE .PDT .OOB files from the folder before moving the remaining graphic files to the game folder, in that way there should be no issues with overwriting updated Gold files.
*Note* the above information only applies to PzC titles updated to Gold Standard, all the other files you can obtain from Volcano Mods for other titles can still be used with no issues.
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