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PzC Gold Leader Mods
Yesterday, 09:06 AM, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 09:10 AM by Green.)
RE: PzC Gold Leader Mods
Update for Moscow '42

Additional Soviet leader images as well as some other minor changes. The new version has replaced the old one in the downloads section.

[Image: m42%20sample.jpg]

When I did my original Moscow '42 mod, I only looked for images relating to those leaders that already had images provided in the game. The 'logic' for ignoring those without an image was that if they did not already have one, there was no point in looking for one. Actually this was just laziness as I knew that some of these would now be available. Because this has always bugged me, I have finally attempted to fill the gaps.

I have found images for around 55 additional Soviet divisional commanders. This leaves just over 40 unaccounted for, as well as many of the brigade commanders. Since some PzC games have less than 50 named commanders in total this just illustrates the mind-bending scale of this game.

Because of the overlap between this game and Moscow '41, I have decided to update the OOB files for that game to include the Soviet commanders (in the same way I did for Budapest '45). I am almost finished and will upload the files shortly.
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