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looking for teaching games
05-17-2019, 07:34 PM,
copponent Wanted  looking for teaching games
Hello Fellas,

I am looking foreward to jumping into the JTS Family of games and so am looking for a few teaching games.

Teaching game for me would mean:

- Small Scenario, may very well be simple. Preferable balanced, or possibly mirrored play.
- No Fog of War
- I /We take the liberty of saving and loading the turn, and trust each other enough believing we are not trying to take advantage of that, but use it for faster learning the system

By looking at the Forums I know that this is an unusual proposal here at The Blitz.

But I sincerely hope that you understand what I am aiming at. Competitive play ist just around the corner for me but I want to learn fast first, so to become an able opponent.

Currently I am playing the PzC Demo with my brother and having loads of fun :).

For teaching games I would wish for some ACW games (i own many of them already), as it is the "subsystem" I know best. But I am fascinated by "The System" in all its incarnations. And I don't like playing solitaire.

So if you are interested please feel very welcome to throw me a mail!

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