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Japan '45 Historical Plan/Placement Olympic
06-17-2019, 04:30 AM,
RE: Japan '45 Historical Plan/Placement Olympic
I Corps is still there, and the 25th Infantry has made some surprisingly good progress south of Miyazaki.

Substantial Japanese reinforcements are en route, however, so the I Corps position is still precarious.

Naval support from XI Corps has been moving to the I Corps sector for most of the day. I haven't moved them at night, as the ships might not recover easily from Disruption.

Regrettably, the naval withdrawals thus far have nearly all been heavy hitters by chance. Nearly all of my destroyers are still there, but both heavy cruisers in the I Corps sector have been withdrawn and together with the I Corps ships only 8 out of 12 battleships remain.

John's losses have been increasing slowly due to combat and interdiction. His troops have suffered some nasty interdiction hits, one knocking out 128 Men on what was probably one unit moving through a stack, but most losses were quite acceptable at less than 20 Men.

Half of my forces have not landed yet, so I'll take some considerable amphibious losses in the next few days as well.

[Image: PLWX3xK.jpg]

[Image: kxHa05d.jpg]

[Image: XMogrLM.jpg]

[Image: e6cKraH.jpg]

[Image: h6W5tYM.jpg]

[Image: RWlPI1e.jpg]

[Image: iemIsw6.jpg]
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12-08-2019, 02:01 AM,
RE: Japan '45 Historical Plan/Placement Olympic
As some of you might've guessed from the lack of updates, John and I decided to stop playing the scenario a few months ago as an update was released and John was wondering if we shouldn't have started with a smaller scenario. We moved over to a Kharkov '43 team game.

There'll be more AAR's in the future, hopefully from games that I'll actually finish!

Thanks for the comments and for reading the AAR to begin with.
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