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CSME viewer & handbook unit picture mod version 1
04-30-2019, 10:56 PM,
CSME viewer & handbook unit picture mod version 1
Now available for download in the Campaign Series Middle East scenario section  is the first public release version of my Campaign Series Middle East Unit Picture mod. (referred to here as “CSME UPM”).  It provides pictures for game units that show up in the image boxes (that currently have their nationalities, national map and flag in) in the games “Unit Handbook” and its “Unit Viewer”. This initial release version provides a complete picture set for Syria only.


To install the mod open the zip file called “Pictures” in a secure location, and use Control/a then Control/c to select and copy all 395 bmp. files in it. Then in the main directory of CSME open the “Pictures” folder and then use control/v to drop the files into it. It is as simple as that. 

Picture conventions

In this mod for land units, where photos have not been employed  I have used a “Light Yellow” ground. For Air units (including helicopters, drones etc) a “light Sky Blue” ground has been used, again except where I have had to use black and white photographs of the equipment in question. Finally for Naval units, including all boats except where I have used photos there is a “Dodger Blue” background with vessels shown as if they are floating on it, the proportion of the hull normally under the water is not visible.

When selecting vehicle, aircraft and weapon images my first preference is to use a full colour illustration of the item in question (or a colour image cut out from a colour photo) in the colours of the Nation being represented, where this is applicable (i.e. not for artillery and mortars etc). But where this is not available to use a black and white photo image filling the entire unit portrait box.

For infantry units I have used a full colour illustration image of the troops in question but if that is not available a colour image of the main weapon carried, e.g. AK47 Assault Rifle or PPSh-41 SMG.

The Unit List
Included with this mod is a separate document giving details of each and every unit picture that comes with it. This is in table form and gives details of the file name, the type of unit represented (and its value in strength points), along where relevant an explanation of the item shown (such as which type of individual weapon has been used for a given infantry unit) and also a comment where I have had to use a less than ideal image. The different units appear in the table in the order they are in the games “Unit Viewer”.


I hope you enjoy playing CSME using this mod. Any comments, suggestions or ideas as to where I can find better images for particular weapons, vehicles or units would be gratefully appreciated. If these could be posted in the Matrix games forum please? I am now starting work on Version 2 which will add the Israelis.

Ian Leask
April 2019
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05-05-2019, 06:54 PM,
RE: CSME viewer & handbook unit picture mod version 1
Nice Ian, mucho thanks for the hard work in putting this picture mod together. I appreciate it!! Wink

ItB Cigar5
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