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CMBN AI scenario
04-23-2019, 06:15 AM,
CMBN AI scenario

CMBN 2 (with CW) Looking for recommendations (with link) for a Human (offense) against AI (defending) scenarios that are:
- Company (+ or -) sized, or platoon +, 
- Mostly infantry, 
- 20-70 turns preferred, more is okay.  
- Some urban is okay, rural is desired.


[Image: du7fBQt.jpg]
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04-23-2019, 06:45 AM,
RE: CMBN AI scenario
I have nothing off the top of my head but I have something that might help you find what you want:

You can sort by any one column and filter the list with search terms. For example I sorted by length and entered "attach infantry" as the search terms - no quotes. There are a handful of scenarios that look promising. The search yields 34 scenarios, 9 of which are longer than you wanted but none shorter. Read a few descriptions because there are some that are H2H only but I predict that you can find a few there that will interest you.
Author of: Whose Turn Is It? - http://www.lesliesoftware.com/products/WhoseTurnIsIt / CMFI Sicily Pathfinders(not playable H2H) / CMBS Opportunity Knocks (scenarios, maps and mods here)
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