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Scenario of the Month: April 2019 - Pairings
04-15-2019, 03:48 AM,
Scenario of the Month: April 2019 - Pairings
Below are the pairings for the Scenario of the Month: April 2019

A quick remainder about the workflow:

The allied / blue  player is the one who will start the setup and send the first turn to his axis / red opponent.  The games are to be played using 'Iron' as skill level, unless otherwise agreed.  The game will count as an on-ladder game and will be reported just like a regular game unless you otherwise agree with your opponent.

Please don't forget when your game as started to post here, so we can keep track on the games which are in-progress.

Reminder we expect that these games are played using the latest version of both games.

CMBN: MG Betuwe on Fire

Allies - Axis

Captain Al - raz_atoth
Mr Yormsha - Hussar_63
ChappyCanuck - a1steaks
Manzcaser - Panzer Lehr
mirekm61 - Stonecutter
Smike2685 - zinzan1963
Expecting_at_crossroad - weapon2010

CMFB: To Verdenne and Victory!

Allies - Axis

mirekm61 - weapon2010
A Canadian Cat - a1steaks
Panzer Lehr - zinzan1963

CMBS: Objective Delta

Blue - Red

A Canadian Cat - raz_atoth

You can contact your opponent by going to his profile and either sending him a private message or emailing him using the site's interface.
Good luck to everyone.
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