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Who's Playing What?
02-19-2019, 01:50 AM,
RE: Who's Playing What?
A good Naval simulator.

I got broken by GNBNA or "Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic" which I'm told is a precursor to the World of Warships. I've had trouble trying to find a good naval simulator in the computer age.

One favorite was "CA" a great SSI recreation of mostly Pacific fights during WWII.

But the best...dum dum dummm.....was that old one called "FRIGATE", also by SSI/Strategy and Tactics.

The maps were made in "edge less" fashion, and since that game was a sailing ship game, the wind mattered. Great idea ahead of it's time. If you sailed off the top of the map for instance, you simply pulled the bottom map section, rolled a die to see how to orient it, and plunked that section down where the ships and the fighting were headed.

Chain shot...no...load grape shot....wait....double charged/double loaded ball shot...grapple...no...don't grapple...
RAKING fire...the best...shots down the long axis of the ship...;)
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