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Opponents for Ladder games
12-27-2018, 05:31 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-27-2018, 04:14 PM by Isto.)
Opponents for Ladder games
I am new in this site and looking for ladder opponents.

I suppose this site is quite inactive as i have put forth several challenges and yet there have been none to reply.

I can play both WinspMBT and WinspWW2 and i prefer a meeting engagement type of a game. I plan to play a serious game taking an effective army composition given by the rules of the play.

I have checked the rules of the site and am ok with them but can also play with standard rules what i am accustomed to.

In one instance i have a different opinion about the suggested rule set, i think tanks can travel in Forest terrain. And i also am sure that tanks can knock down common sized trees and if a log slows down a tank, that is not a good tank.

I also suspect there are people, and at least modern equipment and AI that allows very complex artillery management. It's nowadays even common for the systems to calculate different shooting angles that the rounds are landing simultaneously on a given spot, so i really do not see a reason why one person with good multitasking skills could not manage tens, or hundreds of assignment in a short amount of time. In case of WW2, the game have taken this in to account as plotting artillery is already way slower than in MBT and i see that FO rule as something that could be used in era of WW2, rather than in a modern MBT game.

I also think the placing of units in a hex is covered by the game already as it adds supression, slows them down and they are easier to damage as there are more targets within the effective radius of a shot.

I have still not tried the new Cover option of the game and if those Smoke granade rules are in use, i think there should be same rules to not fire in a turn the unit is taking cover.

In a current WinspMBT patch (12 i suppose) i want to suggest not taking air units with armor because it have been stated as not working like it should. For some reason (at least armored) air units treat all HE penetration as 1, making them almost impossible to damage.

Looking forth to participate in the coming 2019 ladder.

For scoring: I tried, but did not find the "DOWNLOAD" section mentioned in the topic regarding the scoring rules, so this is a subject i need a clarification on.
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12-30-2018, 02:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-05-2019, 12:38 AM by Isto.)
RE: Opponents for Ladder games
I have pondered the game rules and am suggesting a following rule set:
-Units may not fire Z fire through buildings or 2 hexes of Forest unless firing from elevated angle.
-Units taking Cover cannot shoot or move further in that turn.
-Size 0 units may not take Victory Hexes.
-Only Tracked vehicles may move through forest.
-No supressing armored vehicles over buttoned status with small arms.
-No armored air units in MBT version of 12.
-Cluster ammunition bought only as Off-Map choice with 100% value.

Here are some reasonings behind the choices:

Z Fire: I would not want to restrict this so much, but still find it quite unrealistic how it's done in the game. When thinking the squads are firing controlled and short bursts, the ammunition does not seem such a large issue. It's also quite likely that not everyone from the squad is firing when the unit fires in the game. Maybe the ammunition with infantry is calculated based on something like that.

Taking Cover: I have been thinking the infantry always tries to advance using cover, so i see the Cover action that is not originally part of the game as something special they are then fully focusing on from the moment it is issued. That's why i do not think a unit taking cover should take any other (than cover) actions further in that turn.

Size 0 Units: Are meant for harassment and support.

Artillery Rules: I really think the rules are fine as they are, and in my opinion not that unrealistic. The deploy is also included in the game mechanics because if you deploy too far, they go Out of Contact and cannot be assigned as artillery.

Smoke Granades: I think they are also fine as they are.

Cluster Ammunition: Reloading them is clearly too cost effective, and have not been taken in account when calculating their point costs.

Moving through forest: I really do think Tracked class have what it takes to move through common forests. They are drastically slowed down already. It might even be possible for the strongest wheeled class, but this way the vehicle classes would be more strategically different from each other.

Armored air units: As stated in the earlier post, for some reason the code regarding this went broken between the versions 11 and 12. I am entirely ok with playing version 11 because of this.

As for taking victory hexes, for me the last turn battle in the contested areas have always been part of the game. I also do not think the one going second have any advantage over this. Actually in my opinion it's the other way around, the one going first has a huge advantage reaching them first and acquiring defensive positions over them. I have always thought Meeting Engagement greatly favours the one going first.

In Meeting Engagement:
-All AT-Guns, AA guns and Artillery should be transported to battle and if deployed outside of transport, the transport should be deployed near the units.

Another take on the Z-Fire:
-Normally units may not fire through buildings and may only fire through 2 adjacent forest hexes.
-Heavy machine guns may fire through small wooden buildings and through 3 adjacent forest hexes.
-Units firing indirectly (Artillery) may fire Z-Fire as normal.

No units may fire Z-Fire through more than one friendly unit. In case of a small arms fire, armored vehicles are not counted in this.

I'm still up for a game and have no opponents through this site. The suggested rules are not absolute and basically i'm fine adjusting my game to any given rules. Still, those are the rules i would go with.

Basically i have always played without rules, or only restricting cluster. Often if we have had rules, they are limiting certain units like rocket launchers (For same reason as cluster ammunition), size 0 units or masses of infantry.

Basic artillery limit i'm used to play is somewhere around 7%.

There are also some other things to concider when thinking about realism:

Is it realistic for para transports to approach from rear as they are not targeted by air defence before they enter the map so you can always guarantee a drop.

Is it realistic to make line blocking walls of fire to any terrain and is it realistic for fire to block elevated los in the beginning.
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01-13-2019, 01:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-13-2019, 01:04 AM by Ratel.)
RE: Opponents for Ladder games
Hi Isto,
Glad you sent me a challenge. I haven't been visiting the forum during the last year as I started a new job. Hopefully I can play more games this year.
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