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Any info about "Armored Battles"???
11-08-2018, 10:01 PM,
Any info about "Armored Battles"???
Well, next week is going to be released a new WWIII title and made return to my mind the "modern version" of PzB, "Armored Battles", only info released were a pair of pics but nothing more in last years, i am curious if is still alive or is in zombie mode.

Is curious how in last years appear titles covering this war that never was.

Thank you.
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11-09-2018, 09:27 AM,
RE: Any info about "Armored Battles"???

Unfortunately this title has languished due to the developer having to focus on other things in life.

The good news is that we recently tested creating the game exe using the latest build of Panzer Battles (including variable VPs etc) and it worked perfectly.

So, this game/game series is a possible candidate for the game we will work on after PzB North Africa. The good news is that a fair bit of work has already been done on unit graphics and the game mechanics all work.

The final bit of news is that I’m looking at changing the game scale. The original Armor Battles was to have 400 metre hexes (the old modern campaigns divided by 4), but I am moving it to 250 metres to be consistent with PzB. This will allow us to use either system to do conflicts such as Korea, Middle East etc without scale challenges.

So it is alive, but needs to now be picked up and completed.

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11-09-2018, 10:03 PM,
RE: Any info about "Armored Battles"???
Thank you for the reply, is great know that is not totally buried in the cementery, only needs some old good vodoo Voodoo Doll

Is great know new PzB improvements are working in Armored Battles and core features work fine.

I think the decision of use 250m scale like in PzB is a good idea, in the end ranges are going to be in extreme situations around 3.000m (in 80s-90s), 4x3=12 hexes is not something strange in Tiller titles even is possible have longer ranges (i think in arty in Nap and even more in EAW series that i think is the serie with bigger combat ranges) and smaller hexes help have more details in maps specially if you release tite based in what we can see in the images we can saw (WWIII in Germany).

Well, Armored Battles compared with PzB has the strong point in "what if" you can play with wars that never were and this help balance content based in what players want and you allways can play the "middle east card"  Big Grin

Korea is another interesting point (maybe not my first, second and even third option at least in the historical war), even is possible explore in title scen in 50s war and same scen in hypotetic future war, this was something present in Tiller MC and was fun play same scen with 70s hardware or 80s one i like this dual timing for scens because you double scens avaliable with a change in OOB and both are totally different.

Well, expect we can have soon PzB-NA41 to have your team working in next "i want buy" title, you are doing a great job with PzB and expand it to modern wars could be great.
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