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The Blitz Wargaming Club 20 years coming up!
12-27-2018, 01:11 AM,
RE: The Blitz Wargaming Club 20 years coming up!
Warning: Easily triggered into writing long and rambling rant based posts...

We'll blame Mr. Cole above for this one...

The Blitz Wargaming Club and I met about 10 years ago and I immediately realized this was the place I had been looking for for some time. At that point in time I would create something, toss it up on the Games Depot site, and it was like slipping gas into a jetstream...gone just like that. Nothing wrong with Game Depot, it's what it is, a database.

The Blitz is a club, not a database.

I've met so many good gamers/friends/contacts through the years it's hard to keep them all straight but for an old daft bastard I've done well. That...and my Word Doc...lol...yes I have notes on all of you...
The players tend to come and go. A lot come back.

I read through Jim's early years above. I found it interesting that so much conflict arises when you try to get a lot of creative and talented individuals to all pull in the same direction. I guess that will always be so, at this level you are almost required to be a self directed missile, with tone lock. Not the rapper.

In the past you always had to meet someone in the flesh prior to gaming, and usually they were recommended by a friend, so they had been "vetted" prior to your meeting them. Then online games happened, and suddenly I was playing games with guys from all around the world. Not sure if the young guys appreciate this. We went from a being a bunch of isolated wargaming nerds to fully connected wargaming nerds. This is fundamental to the sport, or activity, if we want it to survive.

Most see my monitor, ask about the game, and that's it.
Some, those whom we seek, eyes light up and a fire is kindled.

When they say something like..."I could do better than that"...my smile breaks out...the hook has been swallowed...and I invite them to a match...

We may never be "Fortnite" or whatever the latest twitch game is called...but I prefer the company right here...


Newbie Dan
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