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Oppenent wanted
10-11-2018, 08:34 PM,
copponent Needed  Oppenent wanted
Hello everyone   I look for an opponent:

JTCS, Scenario "Borodino 41", I want to take the axis as I already play it as the soviets in another match.
No EA (axis stand not any chance with it)
Var. visibility can be discussed. All other rule ON.
No saving on a regular base please. (Actually we are gentlemen anyway)
I normally can handle 1 (sometimes 2) turns a week (maybe more in the beginning) With 135 turns the scenario needs long term commitment and dedication.

It's is really an awesome scenario. The Germans have a PanzerCorps (10. Panzer and 2. SS Das Reich plus some corps level units) The soviets are even more interesting: 4 tank brigades with BT7, T26 , T34 and of course KV1. Furtermore a crack rifle divisions and some smaller units (Kav, Guards, Engineers, NCO/Cadett-Btl., Recon, Anti-Aircraft) Did I mentiones 24 (!) batteries for Katjuschas?!?

Both sides have most freedom to maneuver and build their lines as most of the troops enter the battlefield after the start. After playing it already some years ago I also added some of the new and interesting units: Construction and mine engineers as well as trains. Also some NKDW troops. Not much in quantity! Just to "spice" it up a bit without spoiling these masterpiece. The original designer with whom I got in contact before liked these ideas
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10-12-2018, 08:32 AM,
RE: Oppenent wanted
If you send the scenario files (scottfcole@hotmail.com) I'll play the Russians.
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10-12-2018, 05:51 PM,
RE: Oppenent wanted
Send. Thanks
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