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To All my Esteemed Opponents
08-11-2018, 11:55 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-11-2018, 12:00 PM by John Given. Edit Reason: spelling )
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
(08-10-2018, 10:17 PM)Herr Straße Laufer Wrote:
(03-18-2018, 07:27 AM)Boisforas Wrote: Gentlemen, I really appreciate your concerns with my health. I was diagnosed with liver cancer a week ago and it appears to be rather advanced. At this point, it appears that I just don't have the stamina to complete any more games. The lethargy has me staring at the computer rather than diving into the games as I normally would. And Im having trouble remembering who to send what to. As I could not ask for a better bunch of guys to hang out with on the electric battlefield I want to thank you all for a great time. Hopefully I will get stronger down the road and will let you all know as soon as that happens. Keep up the fight, Eric

Guys, I've been trying to find solid evidence to Eric's passing. Louise has not responded and the only thing I could find was this: Eric Memorial

I'm ninety-nine percent sure we have lost Eric. He was in the 173rd Airborne, serving in Vietnam. He was married. He had a large family around him. He lived in California.
I was in e-mail contact him through to May. He had his ups and downs. Hopefully his gaming was a bright spot that gave him good memories to the end. I know he loved his family deeply and they were with him, surrounding him with their love.

I was privileged to have reported dozens of games with him. The exchanges in e-mail, I wish I could have saved. They covered a large gamut of topics that were as varied as his fertile mind and  the individual games we played.

It was an honor to have known him. To have shared all the moments that seem to be so brief a time now. To have had a peek beyond the games we played into the man he was.

He was one of the few I counted as a friend. I will miss him deeply.

Rest in peace. Eric Bonner. Boisforas.

Stand guard at the gates.

Ed Silcox

Ed, thank you so much for letting us know what was happening.  I hadn't heard from Eric since March, and it's not like him to stay quiet for long.  I began searching for any information about him about 6 weeks ago.  His wife, Louise, used to be a facebook friend of mine, and through her, she would keep me up-to-date on things when he had health or other issues.  But I hadn't contacted her in a long while, and at some point I was unfriended.  

I didn't find anything on Eric's profile, and was uncomfortable sending Louise another friend request, so I stayed quiet and hoped for the best. Nothing regarding Eric's health was ever mentioned on either profile. Then, David lets me know the painful truth via e-mail just earlier today (thanks again for that David).  This really bums me out. I'd known Eric for a good 10 years - and I have lost count of the number of games we played. Several times, I was drifting away from the game, and after inevitable e-mails from him, pestering and badgering, I would weaken and he'd pull me back in.  

As David mentioned, Eric's play style was actually pretty frightening.  He would just charge you - no fear - and if it was a scenario where you could be overrun, then by gosh, you were overrun.  I used to tell him that the object of the game is to attain a victory, not to scare the hell out of me. But he never let up. He certainly had a way of keeping a scenario exciting, and I'm sure his many opponents would agree.

Eric was a friendly soul, a good friend, and he will be missed.  Farewell Eric, and thank you for all the good times and great memories.
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08-11-2018, 12:26 PM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
This is unfortunate news.

Eric was a class act and will be remembered as such.

My condolences.

Rest in peace.
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08-11-2018, 07:07 PM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
Thank you Ed for doing the do diligence on Eric.

I'm 100% sure now. The one picture in the memorial that has 5 small pictures in it where in one he is standing next to the statue of General Patton, he sent to me a couple of years ago when we were discussing Patton.

I will miss him for sure. Most of all our discussions about the Browns, Steelers, Colts and Giants. He truly loved the NFL and couldn't wait for the season to start.

Rest in Peace Eric.
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08-11-2018, 07:12 PM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
Very sad news indeed

Fair winds and following seas on your deployment to undiscovered country Eric

Rest well mate

244 games with legend that is Richie61
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08-11-2018, 11:28 PM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
I sure have been wondering about my friend Eric! Very sad day indeed! Eric was a great opponent and also a very good friend! We talked several times by phone when a new mod or game came out and would need some help getting things set-up and we would trade stories of games/scenarios or how he was beating me or he kicking my tail!

One thing for certain my friend - you are no longer sick and you are truly in a much better place!

Rest in Peace Eric!

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08-12-2018, 01:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-12-2018, 01:02 AM by Antoni Chmielowski . Edit Reason: spelling mistake )
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
I never played Eric, but his positive reputation is legend here.

I am so sorry to hear of his passing.

My thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.
Antoni ChmielowskigGames Played : WiTP-AE, TOAW3,Gary Grigsbys War in The East/ War In The West
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08-12-2018, 07:14 AM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
Thanks to all for giving me the news I did not want to know but knew was coming.

He was one of the best people to play here at the Blitz and I will miss him.

As others have said the Eric style was unique.  I always preferred him to be anything but attacking Soviets.

He would just swarm your defenders with no regards for the point loss on his side.

He gave me so much enjoyment over the years.

I can only give him a small token back.  We were in the middle of a game and I shall give him the win to honor him.

Rest in Peace Eric

You shall be missed.

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08-12-2018, 09:04 AM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
Very sad to read this news, I also had a game with Eric that we put on hold when he was taken too ill to play any more.

The world is a worse place for your passing my friend, the game and life won't be the same without you.

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08-14-2018, 02:42 PM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
Very sad news to hear of Eric's passing. A great opponent and a friend even though I never met him face to face. Even when we weren't playing he would send me emails just to talk about various subjects. Funny thing I was talking about Eric a week ago pretty randomly. I don't even know how it came up but my wife who generally doesn't have any interest about my wargames asked me how I find opponents. Then I went on to tell her about the various opponents I have played around the world and I was talking about Eric being sick but hoping he would come back soon. Unfortunate news. You were a great opponent and a friend.

Eric may your memory be a blessing.

Joe M
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08-15-2018, 03:18 AM,
RE: To All my Esteemed Opponents
I have been playing CS on the Blitz sporadically since 2009. I did not know Eric well but played against him a few times over the years. He was always a gentleman and exemplified good sportsmanship, even giving me a few pointers when I was just starting out.

Rest in peace, Eric.

Mark R
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