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#a0106_06 Rzhev : Fording the Volga (HTH) - 2 players?
03-02-2018, 06:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2018, 09:07 PM by Plain Ian.)
copponent Wanted  #a0106_06 Rzhev : Fording the Volga (HTH) - 2 players?
Well the snow is still coming down here in bonnie Scotland and I'm stuck indoors so I guess I better start up a game. I've been looking at the above scenario from Gold Moscow 42 and it looks pretty interesting. 

I can't make up my mind which side to play so I'm probably looking for 2 players (German/Soviet) so I can play both sides. 

If I get two offers then this may slow down my turns. Start up map below. I forgot to turn on labels before I took the screenshot but I think we can all work out where Rzhev is....

Edit: I forgot to add game Options. Default options plus Alt Assault as I think this should be part of the default as Moscow 42 scenarios all use the Mcnamara Dbase?
Edit: sorry I forgot about Delayed Disruption. Ok lets just print the thing.......

[Image: 2018-03-02_11h05_16.png]

[Image: 2018-03-01_16h58_50.png]
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03-02-2018, 06:53 AM,
RE: #a0106_06 Rzhev : Fording the Volga (HTH) - 2 players?
Minor point. I noticed a German unit which needs changed. The 2D icon shows it as a foot unit (no wheels) but it is a motorised unit. Wrong 2D icon linked.

As a German player the first thing I checked was to find all the motorised units at Rzhev which I could use as a flying column to send east and I almost ignored it........but if any potential German player is reading this then this might not be a great idea.....

[Image: 2018-03-01_17h08_54.png]
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