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New Hill 112 Scenario
12-09-2017, 02:59 AM,
New Hill 112 Scenario
Hey guys...just uploaded a new one to the database...

Hill 112

1944, Normandy

This fight was the first for the Scottish 15th Infantry Division.
They had trained together for two years, wondering when they would get to fight.
They got their chance, and their first battle became their last for all intents and purposes.
65% casualties, with over 80% in the Rifle Companies.

Going up against the best Germany had, the 1st and 2nd SS Panzer Korps, these green troops penetrated up to 8 miles deep into the German lines.  They marched off into the cold black dawn, wet, drizzly, into cornfields and wheat fields.

By the middle of the day the fog burned off, and it became a fine day for shooting.

They took the Hill, but it was one of those objectives you'd rather take than hold.

The Scots, flanked on three sides, Churchills burning, men dying, never blinked.

Suitable for 1v1 or 2v2 play.
If playing the AI take the Allies.


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12-11-2017, 01:44 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Thanks Dan! Thumb Up2


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12-11-2017, 11:02 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
My pleasure, Edward.


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12-31-2017, 05:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-31-2017, 05:04 AM by Herr Straße Laufer. Edit Reason: typo )
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Playing this one. Wow! Yikes

Early on I felt bad for the Allies. Now I feel bad for myself as the Germans. Reins getting activated but "which hole do I need to plug" ... now, that, is the question.

Nice work so far Dan! Thumb Up2


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12-31-2017, 11:12 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Thanks Ed.
I appreciate the feedback.
Practice, practice, practice...that appears to be my strong suit...and I may get one of these right eventually...;)

I never really stop working on these, and a Rev 2 will be in the making after this round of testing.
Probably going to (further) trim some units and slow down the overall pace of reinforcements and releases, but it plays fine as it is.

I've heard from two tests they have gotten it done and over with right at the start line!...lol...which is fun...but the idea was to fight for Hill 112...NOT the Muc(k) River... Drink Smoke  

All good.
Fights in the CS series take on their own identities, and you have to let go at some point.  Players always find ways, niches, tactics and strategies you can't predict.  That's one of the reasons this CS Series is as good as it is.  

112 is a bit crowded at times.  The thing is, it's pretty accurate.  They really did stuff 3 Divisions through a 4 mile wide gap.  Add the mud of the real battle, and it's easy to see how some units waited a day just to get into action.

One thing your Germans will have going for them is that clear day that is breaking over the battlefield.
If you can keep them intact, those Panthers and Tigers will enjoy those long shots.  The fog burns off by midday, something like Turn 20.

Early on the Scots can play a little rugby with the Germans...up close and personal...the way they like it...Churchills and Crocodiles... Flame

The 15th Infantry Division was an amazing group of rookie citizen soldiers who marched into Hell the very first day they fought.  They never flinched.

Probably the bagpipes...let's check with JB/Von Luck...but I wouldn't want to head back home and listen to all that caterwauling... Whistle Stir the Pot Martini Cheers Pirates Bagpipe Bagpipe Bagpipe


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12-31-2017, 12:32 PM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Fuel the Fire "Out of the frying pan and into the fire." Ouch!

"Gunner, ten to two o'clock, Bee Hive." Tank6

Hopefully there are no Scott's wagons for my pilots to concentrate upon? Angel


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01-01-2018, 03:06 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
I'll tell you Ed...that book Malsom put me onto was what did it.
One of the best I've read.

It's got that feel you used to get watching Vic Morrows on COMBAT (you young'uns won't get that one)(but to be clear ED sure as Hell will...;), and the personal recollections make the entire book a joy to read.
Nothing like a Scotsman when it comes to dry wit.  The German recollections are equally poignant.
In the end you get the feeling both sides were sacrificed needlessly.  That feeling is incorrect IMO.

We Yanks, or at least this Yank, have always loved to bash Montgomery.  They even put it in Private Ryan for god's sake...but while this battle may not be recorded as a victory by historians what Monte and the British did at Hill 112 was directly responsible for the success of Operation Cobra.  Imagine if the 1st/2nd SS Corps were intact and viable units facing the Yanks at St Lo and it's environs.  War, sex and football are team sports.    

HIGHLY recommend it..."HILL 112  Cornerstone of the Normandy Campaign" by Major J. J. How, MC, who was there.

As designers you study the battle until it feels like you've got it.  The forces, timing, actions and consequences.
You sweat away in your basement having the time of your life (really...it's that good) doing your best to get it right, and it's good to hear feedback.

These days just about every player is a de-facto designer as the majority of us have been doing this for decades... Catapult Salute2
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01-01-2018, 03:48 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Awesome stuff here Dan!

And fully agree on your comment on Monty wearing down Adolf's best, too. They never recovered, really.
[Image: 29F3B1129F294B8EA9F0BA9508F86A6C.jpg]
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01-02-2018, 12:41 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario
Thanks Petri.

Hey, if you really like it, maybe you could stop shooting me at Marle by way of thanks?...lol...you keep right on shooting buddy... Mex Big Grin

Those final SS counterattacks were futile, and they ruined the 10th and 9th SS.
Up until then it was pretty close as to which way it would end.

By the time they assembled and went in (at night) the British had already moved up just about every artillery piece in the theater.  OK, not that bad, but about 5 divisional artillery groups.  Toss in some long range Navy guns like the Warsprite and the Ramilles (check that last)...and they were devastated.  I know they had the Rodney, Warsprite and Ramilles parked offshore earlier during the Normandy landings, not sure which were present for Hill 112.  The book only mentions the effect their Naval artillery had that night.  It had to be at extreme range for them, and that is usually not good for Navy guns, or accuracy in general.  One of those falls short...and some did...that's the kind of friendly fire that takes out hundreds.

It was apparent the Royal Navy cared, and they were sending their very best, one 15 inch salvo at a time.
I guess that spotting stuff really does matter, who knew?

Green Sherlock
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01-02-2018, 01:41 AM,
RE: New Hill 112 Scenario

TV Series
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