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82mm MTRS - Bogadukhov
06-02-2017, 04:01 AM,
RE: 82mm MTRS - Bogadukhov
Well, orientate combat to less direct fire damage is good but this means change engine to made units from diferent sides be at same time in same hex to perform a more realistic close combat situation... areas like villages/urban/forest and in general non open terrains are capable to mantein a very short combat situation that is not resolved by a simple assault like we have in Tiller engine.... this made players search more place combat units with enemy units and center less in firefights... maybe with this low quality units can after a rush to enter in close combat take terrain easier even when casualties not be specially high, here morale+fatigue and why not Fanatical nation rule from PzC could decide who mantein the hex.

If PzB can move to urban combat situations and battles with more close combat needs think on this... i really think PzB4 could be Budapest or Stalingrad and here something new is needed... even if in future we see Market Garden urban fight needs some changes.
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