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Order of battle needed (Operation Gory-Morsky)
05-09-2017, 07:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2017, 12:29 AM by Ragnar.)
Order of battle needed (Operation Gory-Morsky)
Hello everyone

I work on a new (more balanced) version of the outstanding scenario "Death on the black sea" (Operation Gory-Morsky) in early 1943 on the coast on the Taman Peninsular.
The original seems to base on the board game "Black sea black death"
Maybe someone still owns this and can provide in the manuel.

Infomation about the OOB in books and internet are quite rare and confusing so far.

Can anyone provide me information here please?

I've figured out some Divisions/Brigades but not all sub units

5th Corps (17th Army)

73. ID (entire)
Parts of the following:
101st  Jäger Div. 
198th  ID
13th PD 
125th ID
381th ID
-> it's pretty unclear which parts
10th. rumanian ID
38th rum. Infantry Regiment (maybe sub unit from 10th ID)
One source also mentioned a Cossak Cav. Regiment for which I don't find any proof in other books

Later I know the

3rd Corps (47th army?)
318th Rifle/MontainDiv
9th Riflebrigade
6th Riflebrigade
255th Naval Brigade.
83rd Naval Brigade
165th Rifle Brigade
323rd (or 393?) Naval Btl.
563rd Tank Btl.  (only Stuards? one source mentioned also Grands and also Valentines)
90 Para Brigade

Sources also indicates that there had been coastal batteries included.

Thanks in advance
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