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03-13-2017, 06:53 PM,
Hello fellows,

I once was a long time lurker here many years ago, then I participated some. 

There once was a simple program called decode.  One put it into a folder with weapons.xxx  and platoon...pdx or oob, I don't remember now.  Over the years I lost it.  Now that I am back into this with the v2.02.  I would like this again.  Can anyone point me to it. 

I am diggin' v2.02 and I would like this thing again.  Then I ran windows98 now I am on Windows7.

Thanks so,

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03-14-2017, 02:57 PM,
RE: decode
That was cs coder and I found my copy. Thanks.

I have tried to delete my question since it has no purpose now however I don't seem to have the permissions so if the moderators want to delete it then feel free.

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