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Soviet Turn Suggestions-Courtesy of Gris
11-29-2016, 02:53 PM,
zicon 3  Soviet Turn Suggestions-Courtesy of Gris
Courtesy of Gris, here is a suggested process for each turn:

For example, here is my Soviet turn checklist.
  • Read all reports first
    • Event Log
    • Supply phase production
    • Commander's report
    • Losses
    • Victory screen
    • Check production pool, build Units/SU based on available manpower/equipment pools
  • Toggle the following switches in Map Information
    • Toggle Enemy Hexes On/Off (e)
    • Toggle Fort Levels On/Off (f)
    • Toggle Unit moves on/off (shift-r)
    • Toggle Unis isolated, far from railhead, beachhead (shift-o)
  • Set air doctrine
  • Air group Commitment system (6-8 air groups to start to rotate out for morale build up)
  • Check air units readiness (compare to Air Doctrine), morale, and fatigue. Below # sent to reserve
  • Set up VVS Airbases to supply partisans, set Transport and Level bombers to night
  • Consider night fighters (Pe-3 Bis, Yak9-M)
  • Evac factories (Turn 3)
    • Vehicle factories (check end date)
      • BA-10 in Leningrad (Leave)
    • Type of Factory (Rail Capacity Cost per Factory Point)
      • Heavy Industry (HI) 5000 (Don’t rebuild, move piecemeal)
      • Armaments 3000  (Don’t rebuild, move piecemeal)
      • Generic Vehicles 3000  (Don’t rebuild, move piecemeal)
      • Aircraft/AFV/Combat Vehicles Build Cost x2 (21.1.7) (Move once, rest is destroyed)
  • Use all rail supply
  • Assign Hq Leaders (Start at Hicom, work down to Corps)
  • Check Support Levels
  • Check HQ ranges (CR report)
    • Units to HQ - 5 hexes/20 MP
    • HQ To Railhead 10 hexes/20 MP optimal
    • Airbases supply themselves
  • Check HQ unit capacity
  • Check MTOE Max and current
    • Arm/Motor to 75%
    • SAD AB to 50%
    • ALL others 90%
  • 30 Fatigue points = 10% CV loss
  • Refit units
  • Reserve units
  • Bring Air Units out of reserve after all airbases have moved (so you do used trucks to move them in the air bases)
  • Turn 1 SU attachments levels to get the SU out of Corps HQ before disbanding
    • Corps set to 0
    • Armies set to 5
    • MD to 0
    • Fronts to 9 (unless far in the rear, then 0)
    • Stavka to 9
  • Lock HQ when set to right SU mix
  • Construction attachment minimums when SU set to zero (construction/engineer)
      • corps: 2/2
      • army: 3/3
      • army group/front: 16/4 (that's why you lock rear area military districts and fronts)
      • high command: 0/0
  • Support Units (Basic Start)
    • In each army HQ : at least 2 Construction units
    • 2­-4 artillery (mix the types : guns, howitzers, mortars to hammer the opfor at different ranges).
    • Keep the scheme simple. When armament production is lavish, you will start having more sophisticated army support schemes (tank bns, sapper rgts, skis bns, etc).Lock.
    • In each front HQ : 1 RR construction bde, 1 PVO. Lock.
    • Set the stavka support level to 0. Support units are needed at the frontline, not in Moscow.
  • SAD Airbase to 50% Mtoe and no air units (or Disband)
  • Disband Sapper and Construction BNs
  • Do not Disband AA from Cities (huge AP cost)
So you may look at this and say wow! That is a  lot to check each turn. In the beginning, yes. After several games it becomes habit. Also this is for the beginning of the campaign game. I would not bother with all this in a scenario. 

When learning the game, checking the reports each turn and learning how to read them will give you the indicators you need to help you determine if you have enough trucks, is the enemy prepping for an offensive, etc etc.  As time goes on you begin to understand the rail system, support units, and combat. I barely use this now except when I start a new game and my process has evolved from the above. Sometimes it is like looking at the "Matrix".

Thank you Gris!

[Image: exercise.png]
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10-26-2017, 07:26 AM,
RE: Soviet Turn Suggestions-Courtesy of Gris
Really useful thanks. Looking to play my first game as Soviets soon on Multiplayer.
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