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PzC Tips & Tactics Time Again!
10-01-2019, 09:21 PM,
RE: PzC Tips & Tactics Time Again!
@3. Disperse ALL enemy units in a stack before Assaulting them. It increases the chances of a successful assault.
Preparing a defender for an assault is a delicate and complicated and slow task. Since ALL enemy units in the hex need to be disrupted in order to dislodge them reliably, assaulting against many enemy units (many small are often better than a single large one...) will result in many casualties but no progress. In general, I find the stacking limit a bit too high overall. Fully manned hexes with good cover are a nightmare, even if you manage to isolate them. A fire action only affects (and potentially disrupts) a single unit. You get three fires actions per turn, true. But the chance for fire to disrupt are quite small (especially if cover is involved).

@11. It's best to stack armor with assaulting infantry and not have armor assault alone.
Unless the "Alternative Assault Resolution" optional rule is enabled and you're attacking infantry in open terrain. In this case it will usually be better to attack with tanks ONLY (so the defending infantry uses its (lower) hard fire value instead of its (higher) assault value.

17. Ensure you understand any engineer unit and their capabilities that are part of your OOB.
I was especially surprised that engineers can cross otherwise impassable rivers and can also let other footunits pass. Refer to the manual (Ferrying).

Don't fire
Not letting a unit fire can be a very valid option. 1) Unless your unit's opportunity fire is triggered in the opponent's turn, your unit can "dodge" its supply test in the next turn; 2) You don't give the opponent a chance to opportunity-fire on your unit. So if you're outnumbered or in general have a lower fire power than the opponent, you can slow down the engagement and delay better if you don't fire.
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