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Help in writing a book review
06-12-2016, 04:31 AM,
Help in writing a book review
Book Review Guideline:
The following should be included in a book review to help give a full picture of the book:
1.   What is the author’s objective in writing the book?

2.   Define the author’s writing style; is it easy reading, complex, choppy?  Does the book fit together well or are chapters intertwined and maps placed in an inconvenient location?  Do you read parts of the book and go “huh?” and then start flipping pages to find a past read part to clear up the point?

3.   How well does the author define his concept and does he support his theory with evidence?

4.   What areas are covered, how much depth is involved?

5.   Is the book a series of data collections formed into story, or is the book one of first person experiences?

6.   Provide examples from the book if you feel it helps flesh out your review

The following is from Dalhousie University on writing a book review:

Reviewing essentials
  • Description of the book. Sufficient description should be given so that the reader will have some understanding of the author's thoughts. This account is not a summary. It can be woven into the critical remarks.
  • Appraise the book. A review must be a considered judgment that includes:
    • a statement of the reviewer's understanding of the author's purpose
    • how well the reviewer feels the author's purpose has been achieved
    • evidence to support the reviewer's judgement of the author' achievement.
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