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EF Base Mods - New and Revised
01-19-2016, 06:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-19-2016, 06:50 AM by XLVIII Pz. Korp.)
EF Base Mods - New and Revised
After procuring a copy of Photoshop I updated and added to all the EF base mods I have made previously available. I think I modded every base in EF. With Photoshop I've been able to improve image clarity, color blending, and translucence. Examples are below.

Sure beats MS Paint. :)

All files are as named below and are available for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3p5zrn68n1ulyrq/mWnsTFpcNH

Of note:
All new German camo patterns
New German VP hex marker
All minor country bases redone
Perspective added where noticeable
Added two new styles for Finns as Axis
New Italians EF
New Polish Insignia
Added Polish LWP
All German units shield insignias have been reduced a bit in size.
And finally lots of minor color and highlighting changes.

Of further note, due to the file structure of CS, Soviet Guards vs. German can only be displayed in combo with either of the German Vanilla units.
East Front is final. Don’t plan on looking at it anymore. I’m seeing these in my sleep LOL  When I get ambitious again I plan on going through West Front.  I’ll keep you posted.

To see the full size versions please open the attachments.

[Image: Bases3d00%20Finns%2C%20Romania%2C%20Hung...%20etc.jpg]

.jpg   Bases3d00 Finns, Romania, Hungary, Italy etc.jpg (Size: 101.85 KB / Downloads: 36)

Soviet and Poles
[Image: Bases3d00%20Soviets%2C%20Poles%2C%20LWP%20Poles.jpg]

.jpg   Bases3d00 Soviets, Poles, LWP Poles.jpg (Size: 68.24 KB / Downloads: 14)

Wehrmacht and Waffen SS
[Image: Bases3d01%20Wehrmacht%2C%20Waffen%20SS%2...rmjger.jpg]

.jpg   Bases3d01 Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Fallschirmjäger.jpg (Size: 110.45 KB / Downloads: 32)
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01-19-2016, 06:35 AM,
RE: EF Base Mods - New and Revised
Simply gorgeous !!!
[Image: 29F3B1129F294B8EA9F0BA9508F86A6C.jpg]
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