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Panzer Battles at the Blitz
01-03-2016, 10:36 AM,
Panzer Battles at the Blitz
It is that time of year again. Look back on the past and then forward to the future.

Here on the Panzer Battles area of the blitz we have 39 active PBEM playing members posting on the Panzer Battles Ladder.   Ladder is an outdated term.  This is really the Panzer Battles database at the Blitz Gaming Club.
Posting PBEM games here gives an enormous amount of feedback to our game and scenario designers.  So play those PBEM games and post your results and comments when logging the game results in 2016!

From the department of What The Frack  is going on here at the blitz...

PzB Kursk had a head start on Normandy.  Only two Normandy games were posted here in 2015.  Everything below has to do with Kursk.  However, I suspect it will not be long before PzB Normandy makes a splash in the DB.

PzB Kursk - Number of games played.
2014   114
2015     96
Total   210

Most Played Scenarios:
[Image: 2014%20YE%20Scenarios%20Played.jpg]

The tournament depicting the II SS PzK actions of 07/06/1943 influenced the top scenarios.
[Image: 2015%20YE%20Scenarios%20Played.jpg]

Total for both years:
[Image: 2015%20Cumm%20YE%20Scenarios%20Played.jpg]

Dog Soldier
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- Wyatt Earp
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