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Little project needs your help
12-21-2015, 09:42 PM,
Little project needs your help
Well, i am not playing the game because i am doing something i have in mind since we know that PzB2 was a Normandy title... my idea was try create a set of 3 scens based in the first turn of PzC Normandy scen of Cherbourg.

I create first one covering the assault of the 4th infantry division over Montebourg-Valognes area, i port the PzC scen to PzB scale with some changes in positions, specially arty and the 70th armored btl to have them over map (70th armored btl is released in turn 10).

I find some problems balancing scen:

-victory conditions (i do it based in how many objetives and casualties can inflict allied player).
-supply points (i never know very well how balance them).
-german arty from 709 division because is an important part of german firepower BUT only can support a single btl... i try made that arty global but i dont know very well how... i think in add a korps HQ and try attack to it to have all german units as spotters... if somebody from the team can help me with this.
-allied air support... i dont know what units add to allies and how many, part is a scen balance problem and part is a historical problem.
-german reinforcements??? i dont know if add the  Pz.Abt 206 and/or a mix of add-hot units (and maybe something for allies).

In general i think i have a good deployment for both sides, maybe i dont have clear at all if is a good idea leave predefined positions in 2nd line for germans (i fear on this scen have an excesive weak axis side) but in general i am happy with the port from PzC scale.

I dont add description and many things could be changed (maybe the nevelwefer positions, number of turns...) but first i want know what think the guys that really know about create scens about this.

Any advice and suggestion is wellcome.

PD: i am working to in a mod for 2D map features... a mix of Wiggum + my old work with defensive icons and i am trying find a Ju-52 siluette icon to add in the 91 luftlanda division.

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12-24-2015, 10:15 AM,
RE: Little project needs your help

I haven't forgotten your requests here. I do have more info on this particular engagement and will share soon as well as provide some tips.

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12-25-2015, 01:57 AM,
RE: Little project needs your help
Thanks for your interest and time, specially on these days, i am "out" family is like alcohol, good in small sips  Big Grin

Happy holidays  FireworksXmas4
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02-06-2016, 06:52 AM,
RE: Little project needs your help
Well, i have today some free time and decide invest it in continue with my "Cherbourg project", the west flank in the assault over Cherbourg, is a smaller scen with less troops and more space to move and again i try "translate" the PzC scen to PzB2.

I dont add air support and think victory conditions are excesive hard for allied if face a good german player, i want it be a hard scen for allied player intended for H2H to test ability in defense and attack.

Any feedback is wellcome.

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