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The Occult Church of J. Tiller
12-16-2015, 05:12 PM,
aoff topic  The Occult Church of J. Tiller
This post is intended to be weird so if you are too obsessive, don't read it.

This came to me because of a dream.

My brother and I are fighting a SB AoR game in which I have set up a particularly brutal crossfire across open space in front of an objective.  I have two quad 20's.  Many points are accrued for the Nazi side.  The Russian attack is broken.

I dream that night of those open hexes littered with fallen weapons icons.

I do not dream of little cardboard squares or computer game sprites. Whistle

These games are a representation of a reality that existed at a specific point and place in time that was occupied by real people who were playing a deadly game  (choices and consequences) in which they might have invested . . .something (spiritually/emotionally/mythically valuable) . . .that might have gotten stuck in that lost time and space.

Perhaps, when a SB turn is played just so, with the just so attitude, and a little pot or booze or cigarette or coffee maybe, reality (the deadly game), just might repeat. 

With a new observer.

Me.  Maybe you too.
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