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AAR - QB - Attack - Grober vs H1nd (Image HEAVY!)
05-14-2015, 09:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-14-2015, 09:53 AM by Grober.)
zWrite a Note  AAR - QB - Attack - Grober vs H1nd (Image HEAVY!)
Battle Type: Attack
Battle Size: Small
Length of Battle: 1h 15m
Map: Town-Forest (720 x 1023) 040r
Battle Type: Attack
Time: 5:00 AM
Weather: Mist 12ºC

Attacker: Grober - Russian Army

-Battalion Tactical Group
=1x HQ
=1x Staff Squad
=1x 9k35 Strela 103M
=2x Air Controler Team
--1 Company
==1x HQ
==1x BTR-80A
==2x Scout Team
---1th Motor Rifle Platoon - BTR 80A
===1x HQ
===3x Rifle Squad
===1x RPO Team
===3x BTR-80A
---2th Motor Rifle Platoon - BTR 80A
===1x HQ
===3x Rifle Squad
===3x BTR-80A
---3th Motor Rifle Platoon - BTR 80A
===1x HQ
===3x Rifle Squad
===3x BTR-80A
---5th Tank Platoon
===2x T72B3
===2x T72B3 APS

-1x2S19M1 (3) 152mm Howlitzer

-1xOrlan 10 Drone

-Su-25SM Frogfoot

Defender: H1nd - Ukrainian Army

Forces: Unknown

[Image: Ft7sZJq.jpg]

Battle Plan
[Image: dlxvzbu.jpg]
  • Pink line - Preparatory zone for attack
  • Main assault going through East with Scout Teams as Lead element
  • 1x Rifle Squad + 1x BTR-80A scouting NW - W as additional scout diversion attack.
  • Blue lines - Secondary attack after capturing bridgehead on A
  • Forces from A securing B
  • Merged forces from A,B and C moving toward D with aditional attack (teal)
  • Cleaning remainings of town E

Now let take a look on battle

[Image: B80r7cJ.jpg]
+3 min 5:03
  • During those 3 min tanks overwatching road have spotted and killed enemy AT launcher (Red Circle)
  • 152mm Howlitzer have lightly hit enemy positions (Pink)
  • One BTR-80A did get immobilized in water

[Image: aG4Rm4G.jpg]
+13 min 5:13
  • 152mm Howitzers were supposed to hit A point but do to the night mission the have missed
  • Friendly Forces are getting ready to begin attack
  • Scout Forces to the NW have spotted a tank in forest and will take effort to kill it

[Image: PjWZwO4.jpg]
+17 min 5:17
  • Scout Forces to the NW are in pursuit of enemy tank
  • Howitzers after failed first attack on A points are re-engaging but they miss one more time hitting between H-2 and A
  • BTRs make use of they Smoke Launchers and deploy Smoke Screen for infantry (Blue) dou to the wind its moving W
  • Infantry attacks enemy positions

[Image: Fm4VKSb.jpg]
+20 min 5:20
  • Scout Forces to the NW have lost APC to the enemy tank that did outmaneuver my infantry
  • Friendly infantry supported by tanks and APC are moving into town
  • Enemy infantry are falling back to W-SW and W
  • Probably enemy forces are moving SE on the SW part of town to support defenders that are engaged
  • Enemy artillery falls on forest that my units were few minutes ago (Blue circle) and will shift SW in next minutes

[Image: jBeeP57.jpg]
+20-21 min 5:20 - 5:21
After scout team spot enemy tank friendly tank is moving in to engage. Scout team is trying to distract enemy crew using RPG Launcher, it hits enemy tank but does nothing. Friendly tank moves forward

[Image: MvtF0e5.png]

Unfortunate enemy tank sees me first and fire, lucky reactive armor manage to defeat round.

[Image: jE2gn6H.png]

T 64BV crew is determined to kill poor T 72 and fires second shell. This times it hits top of turret. Commander is dead just like few tank subsystems.

[Image: dWCN6X7.jpg]

Without they commander crew panics and decides to retreat, they deploy smoke and fallback.

[Image: fT6fnWs.jpg]
+23-24 min 5:23-5:24
  • Enemy are counter attacking my right flank (Yellow arrow)
  • My units had visual confirmation of enemy tank (Pink circle)
  • Due to the slowdown of attack i decide of starting secondary supporting attack to absorb enemy counter attack and give new attack inicijative

[Image: x2NqLeO.jpg]
+23-24 min 5:22 - 5:24

One of my tanks engage infantry that was giving hard time to my advancing infantry, few second after T72 fires enemy Tank emerge on horizon

[Image: D6xG7EK.jpg]

My crew reload main gun and fires, but projectile hits earth wall.

[Image: Zv3GozI.jpg]

T 64BV Commander is trying to spot my tank. T72 opens fire with its MG while reloading main gun.

[Image: oNoV4ew.jpg]

Reloaded - Fire - Hit!

[Image: wGtKqsI.jpg]

Hard-baked thats how enemy tanks tase best.

[Image: Q0olM9t.png]
+24-25 min 5:24-5:25
  • Because enemy is shifting large force to counter attacking i decide to attack North Crossroads
  • Due to the hastily deployed smoke i leave gap
  • BTR with full squad inside get hits (probably from SPG)
  • Few second latter T 72 next to that btr takes 2 hits first scratch optics second disable engine. Crews panics and abandons their vehicle.
  • All shots came from Pink line where enemy have probably 2-3 SPGs maybe MT-12 Anti Tank gun and some infantry.

[Image: bcwpvYT.jpg]
+26-27 min 5:26-5:27
  • For few second i had a visual on enemy tank (Blue arrow) its was moving W
  • Enemy have set up ambush with ATGMs squads (Red line) in next minutes. One of my Scout team + half of rifle squad will hunt them and kill, one will surrender. My units will move in manner one gives covering fire second one moves and then reversal
  • Enemy infantry will put heavy defence (Pink line)
  • Only few counter attacking units were able to get to B (Green arrow) it's not enough to take it back

[Image: 8fXSSb0.png]
+29-30 min 5:29-5:30
  • Within a period of 1 min i have lost 3 APCs (Ping arrows). Two of them get destroyed from probably same RPG squad that is around green circle.
  • Im unable to move any further with middle attack due to the heavy enemy defences (White dotted line). I decide to hold position and clear slowly with forces from B (Teal arrow)
  • I met little resistance on North Crossroads (Yellow arrow). But enemy drop artillery cutting off my forces (Blue line)

[Image: wN2nfly.png]
+31-32 min 5:31-5:32
  • After very brutal/knife fight (White dotted line) i im forced to fall back and regroup (Yellow arrow).
  • Because i don't wanna units on Crossroads cut off from rest of army i decide to fall back them as well but unluckily they get under artillery fire and some infantry fire from N-W and they take heavy casualties
  • Enemy tank prone forward (Teal arrow) destroys my apc (Green circle) and falls back

[Image: iGWr30u.png]
+31-32 min 5:31 - 5:32
T 72 on my left flank start moving slowly behind forces assaulting town and then it spot T 64BV that few minutes early was spotted on hills moving W

[Image: xAcyPnJ.png]

Enemy commander spots my tanks a second before it will fire.

[Image: tpx6dUz.png]

It gets on fire immediately, no one will walk out of it.

[Image: vf7sg4J.png]
+34-35 min 5:34-5:35
  • My forces did fall back are regrouping and gaining they morales back after heavy fighting while enemy is getting hit by my altylery (White box) that is moving N-W towards main objective (Green arrow)
  • H!nd propose me ceasefire but i still think i can win this.

[Image: JHEYqhD.png]
+40-41 min 5:40-5:41
  • I re engage enemy position so far having a little resistance looks like enemy did regroup as well around North Crossroads
  • My infantry is under artillery attack around abandoned tank. Crew of that tank will try come back to it but will get hit directly by artillery shell around 5-10 meters before reaching it.

[Image: 1bUnez0.png]
+43-44 min 5:43-5:44
  • Just a little bit of resistance (White line)
  • Looks like enemy have missed N-W of main road (Pink line) and will put last defence there. He did move forces from N part of town to do it
  • Last T 64BV meants its destiny and meet 125 mm projectile
  • In meantime of ongoing attack i'm moving part of my infantry around to attack from N

[Image: 5n8IqFD.png]
+45-46 min 5:45-5:46
  • Getting close to enemy line but i keep save distance my artylery is about to drop (White circle) and mintes latter SU-25 will break enemy desire to continue the fight
  • Discussing with H!nd his surrender. His soldiers deserve mercy they have put such a defence.

+46-47 min 5:46-5:47
H1nd surrenders !!

[Image: uwmGEeC.png]

[Image: uwmGEeC.png]

[Image: SBPsoG2.jpg]

He put hell of a fight, middle part of attack just before i had to fall back and regroup was very brutal fight even with tank and apc support i was unable to hold line. Properly if i would try to continue attack at that point i would take to big casualties. It was a big pleasure to have this fight.
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05-29-2015, 05:16 PM,
RE: AAR - QB - Attack - Grober vs H1nd (Image HEAVY!)
Awesome fight
Thanks for sharingHelmet Wink
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