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AAR. QB (animalshadow vs PoorOldSpike) #2
02-13-2015, 09:39 PM,
AAR. QB (animalshadow vs PoorOldSpike) #2
Map: Map 261 (Village-Open)
Points: Tiny
Weathem: Mist
Side: Ukranian Army
Forces:[Image: FORCES.png]
Enemy Side: Russian Army
Possible enemy forces: 1-2 взвода ОБТ с небольшим пехотным усилением.
[Image: PLAN.png]
According to plan, I'll try to secure marked areas in first few minutes.

Turn 0:
Moving to designated areas.
Squad on east without any issues reached marked point and disembarked.
Squad in the village center are on site, but is not disembarked yet.
Squad and MBT on the west without any issues reached marked point and disembarked.
MBT which overwatched central road spotted enemy T-72 crossing the field. Destroyed it with one shot.
[Image: 1_T_MAP.png]

Turn 1:
BMP at the center position popped smoke tryin to reverse and disembark infantry.
BM Oplot covering this IFV destroyed enemy BMP-2, shot flies in 1-2mm above friendly IFV.
[Image: 2_T_BMOPLOT_DESTR_IFV_BMP2_2.png]

Deal with it:
[Image: uDZQTvd.jpg]

While infantry was disembarking, BMP destroys enemy IFV by 2 30mm rounds.
On the east side, all went wrong. 3rd squad trying to secure first house was ambushed by russian forces.
In 5 seconds 4 soldiers were killed by massive fire from house block on the other side of the street.
Only Squad Leader and MG gunner survived.
[Image: 2_T_EAST_SQD.png]
One of MBTs positioned on the central road changing his position trying to get behind secured by enemy house block and destroy IFVs.
[Image: 1_T_BMOPLOT_LFLANK.png]

Turn 2:
2nd Squad(Central position) engaged enemy infantry at far house(close to centeral position, where enemy was shooting at east group position).
MBTs on flanks tries to come around village from east and west simultaniously and destroy enemy IFVs.
This maneuver will give big advantage, which will force enemy to move more and more inside village, trying to avoid MBTs fire and will be ambushed by infantry and IFVs.

Turn 3:
On the east side, from enemy occupied building, by RPG fire was destroyed friendly BMP-2.
[Image: 3_T_BMP2_RPG_EAST.jpg]

A second later, BM Oplot which came around from the east flank - destroys enemy 2 BMPs and BTR-82.
[Image: 3_T_MBT_ENMY_BMPs.jpg]

Turn 4:
On the east flank, remainings of 2nd squad shot enemy infantry which was trying to come around.

MBT on east flank was 2 times under RPG fire - 1st time armor saved crew, 2nd time ERA saved crew.
On central position, MBT with infantry support tries to assault forward positions.
On west flank infantry tries to secure woods on the enemy side of the road.

Current situation:
[Image: 4_T_MAP.jpg]

Turn 5:
On the west zone, T-72 appeared on the street destroyed 1st Squad IFV and 6 soldiers.
[Image: 5_T_T90_DESTR_BMP.jpg]

At the central and east position platoon managed to eliminate ~5 enemy infantry incl. HQ Team.
Turn 6:
MBT which was trying to engage T-72 from behind(my bad - had to set Target Armor Arc).
[Image: 6_T_T90_SCORES.jpg]

Survived 1st Squad soldier with RPG trying to destroy enemy T-72(Managed to damage tracks).
[Image: 6_T_T90_RPG_WHEELS.jpg]

Turns 7-9:
Mistake was corrected, but for a high price - 1 squad and 1 MBT.
[Image: 7_T_OPLOT_VS_T90.jpg]

Running from destroyed MBT position to 2nd Squad house was spotted enemy group and ambushed by 2nd squad.
[Image: 7_T_AMBUSH_2_SQD.jpg]
[Image: 7_T_AMBUSH_ENMY.png]
[Image: 7_T_AMBUSH_DRAMA.jpg]

Turns 10-17:
Trying to clear Village from russians.
[Image: T10_TOWN.jpg]

Turn 18:
Village is clear.
Accepted Cease Fire.

[Image: END_MAP.jpg]

[Image: END_RESULTS.jpg]

Village after fight:
[Image: STREETS_1.jpg]
[Image: STREETS_2.jpg]
[Image: STREETS_3.jpg]
[Image: VILLAGE.jpg]

Fighting in urban conditions you should always use Target Armor Arc on every corner, or you can easily lose your MBT, like I did.
Also, try not to position IFVs close to your infantry, cause infantry morale can be easily broken if your IFVs will be destroyed close to them - that's what happend with PoorOldSpike, when BM Oplot destroyed IFVs which were behind his infantry and they started to run from house to house and were killed.

P.S. PoorOldSpike, thanks for that game! :)
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02-14-2015, 01:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-14-2015, 01:09 AM by PoorOldSpike.)
RE: AAR. QB (animalshadow vs PoorOldSpike) #2
Thanks mate, good game, my mistake was buying BMP-2's to kill enemy tanks with their ATGM's, but they were useless because they wouldn't fire their missiles!
Another interesting lesson as Animalshadow said is that infantry might panic if a nearby friendly vehicle blows up.
The scoring system takes some figuring out, for example I killed an Oplot main battle tank, 3 APCs and a bunch of infantry but the computer only awarded me 284 points!
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02-14-2015, 01:43 AM,
RE: AAR. QB (animalshadow vs PoorOldSpike) #2
284 from 1000.
1000 - total points.
500 points for objective.
500 points for units.
You didn't secure objective and its already 1000-500 points.
But, you killed about 1/2 of inf., 3 IFVs and 1 MBT and it resulted in 284 out of 500 pts - not bad at all. :)
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