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Scenario of the Month: Febrary 2015
02-02-2015, 06:33 AM,
Scenario of the Month: Febrary 2015
Greetings gentlemen,

This month marks the debut of the SotM competition on the Combat Mission x2 - Modern ladder. The scenario i'm proposing for playtest is:

CMBS: Gagarina Ave Checkpoint

If interested,please post here

The testing will work like this:

1) Your opponent and the side you'll play on will be randomly decided.

2) The game will count as an on-ladder game and will be reported just like a regular game unless you otherwise agree with your opponent. [the options are: report it as a ladder game,report it as a non-ladder game, don't report it]

3) At the end of each scenario you test, you will be asked to rate how well balanced and entertaining the scenario was.

4) You will receive a 30 pts bonus for each scenario you playtest irregardless of the final outcome of the battle.

The allied player is the one who will start the setup and send the first turn to his axis opponent.
The games are to be played using 'Iron' as skill level,unless otherwise agreed.

Some other considerations to know, for those of you less familiarized with the required Blitz etiquette/house rules that will be used.

Pre-planned artillery strikes are not allowed if you're the defender, due to the small setup zones. It is however, allowed if you're playing with the attacking side.
If you can't play for an extended period of time due to vacations, holidays, real-life issues etc., please let your opponent know about it.
You can view your opponent's profile either by clicking on this name in a forum post/ladder or by going to the Members page and searching for his username using the bottom form:

You can contact your opponent in three different ways...(see the below picture)
1) By directly emailing him, if he made his address visible in the profile.
2) By sending him a private message (PM)
3) By sending him an email using the site's interface

[Image: be3c9c84e1profile.jpg]
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