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How to use the "My Files" area.
03-29-2014, 10:20 AM,
zicon 3  How to use the "My Files" area.
The "My Files" area is a great feature that can be used to host images at the Blitz site and then allow you to insert those images into posts that you create in the forums area.

Here is where you access "My Files".........

[Image: My%20files.jpg]

You can organise your "My Files" area by creating folders to upload your images to (red), once you create a folder double click it and use the "Upload" link to place images into the folder or you can just have your images shown on their own, to upload single images click "Upload" (blue).

[Image: My%20files%20area1.jpg]

You now have images in your "My Files" area and you want to place them in a post, when you create a post or reply to an existing post you will see this image link in the very bottom left hand corner of the Blitz page...........

[Image: MYBB%20insert.jpg]

Click the link and it will open your "My Files" area, select a image (or open a folder and select image) and the code for that image will be automatically place in the post text box.........

[Image: Code%20in%20post.jpg]

Once you add your message and click "Post Thread" or "Post Reply" your image will be shown, just as the four images in this post have been. Wink
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