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JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler
11-06-2013, 01:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-21-2018, 07:32 AM by Compass Rose.)
zWrite a Note  JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler
One of the most user friendly free programs released to help HPS and JTS game owners with using and applying 3rd party art mods is JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME).

JSGME can be used for anything that is not stock; 3rd party scenarios, art mods, etc.

Once you figure out the very small learning curve, you will see how user friendly it is.

One of the great assets of using JSGME is that if a new game update is released, all you do is deactivate the add-ons you are using, with one click of the mouse. Next, you would unzip the new game updates into the main game folder. After applying the updates, you would then reactivate your mods with one click of the mouse. It is a real time saver. You would not need to reload everything you want to use, which as we all know can be very time consuming especially if you enjoy using art mods from more than one source (mix & matching).

It is a super handy tool.

Here is how you install JSGME:

The first thing you need to understand is that JSGME is not like most other programs that you have loaded on to your computer and used.  If you plan on using JSGME in all of the ACW or NAP games that you own, then you will need to load JSGME separately for each and every game.

First place the JSGME setup file in the main folder of a game.  Next double click the JSGME set up program to start its installation.

[Image: ed6b474e3eJSGME Setup 01a.jpg]

Next, you should see this screen.  Go ahead and select "Next"

[Image: 6b49ea5851JSGME Setup Wizard p1.jpg]

After reviewing the License Agreement and agreeing to it, select "Next"

[Image: d388e1148dJSGME License Agreement p2.jpg]

Select "Next"

[Image: 9c2e5be79dJSGME Setup p3.jpg]

Make sure the Destination Location that your game is located in is shown in the box window correctly and select "Next"

[Image: JSGME%20updated%20destination%20location.jpg]

Select "Next" after making sure the small box is checked to allow a desktop icon being created.

[Image: a2442945dcJSGME Setup p5 desktop icon.jpg]

Select "Install"

[Image: JSGME%20ready%20to%20install.jpg]

Select "Next"

[Image: 5eb8a47755JSGME Setup p7.gif]

Select or un-select to view the manual and select "Finish"

[Image: 01866c9147JSGME Setup p8.jpg]

Next, locate new JSGME desktop icon that was created during the installation process and "double click it" to open it up.

[Image: 8e42741410JSGME Setup p9.jpg]

Make sure "MODS" is located in the bottom left window and select "Ok".

[Image: 9f7b8c032bJSGME Setup p10.jpg]

If you did everything correctly, you should see this screen.  Congratulations, you just installed JSGME for one game!  Smile

[Image: JSGME%20final%20image.jpg]

How to install a 3rd party art mod into your game:
In order to install a art mod you first need to create a new folder within your newly created MODS folder.  You can name the new folder anything you would like.  Normally, I name it so it is easy to determine which mod it is, since some games can have many different art mods available for it.  Next, take your 3rd party art mod files and cut and paste the art mod files into your newly created and newly named folder found within the MODS folder.  The files that you place in these folders will be the files that replace the stock game files.  If there are no "replacement files", then the game will use the stock.
Here is an example of some 3rd party art mod files I just added to my folder.

[Image: 1fc42d795aMOD 3rd party files.jpg]

After installing some mods, your game MODS folder will start to look like this.  (Files shown in red boxes will automatically be found in your MODS folder, the first time you open this folder.  You do not want to do anything with those folders).

[Image: f1c94925b6MOD Folder Contents.jpg]

To activate a mod, you first need to select the JSGME icon you originally created on your desktop.

[Image: 8e42741410JSGME Setup p9.jpg]

After it opens, select the mod you would like to use which is shown in the left column and select the right arrow to activate it.  To deactivate a mod just do the reverse; select a mod located in the right column and select the left arrow.

[Image: JSGME%20mod%20image.jpg]

Organizing all of those JSGME Desktop Icons:

Since I own many HPS and JTS games and I have JSGME installed in each game, I have many "Desktop Icons".  To help organize all of these icons, I have created a "Master" JSGME folder located on my Desktop (You could create one where ever you want).  I created a sub-folder for each series and I have all of the corresponding JSGME icons broken down into each of these series.

[Image: 9a512a6567JSGME inside Main Desktop Folder.jpg]

Here is an example of how my ACW folder looks:

[Image: dd9f29f6f3JSGME inside ACW Folder.jpg]

This concludes this JSGME walk-through.

Good Luck!

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