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Self designed Guadalcanal Scenarios
10-17-2013, 06:38 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-17-2013, 07:09 AM by Compass Rose.)
zicon 1  Self designed Guadalcanal Scenarios
Greetings fellow naval warriors!

I offer for your gaming pleasure a few scenarios for HPS/JTS Guadalcanal. I put these together and still enjoy playing them. I especially like "Blockade" because, as a former destroyerman, nothing else comes close to sexual ecstasy like killing subs! For the USN player, the AI and elementary portrayal of ASW operations make this a challenge to be sure!

If you are interested, the scenarios and the required OOB's can be downloaded at the link below.

SMJ02 - - - A better look at the battle of Cape St. George:
0150 25 November 1943 mod of scenario #14. The battles of the Solomon Islands had moved to Bougainville. Again the Japanese resorted to the Tokyo Express to reinforce and resupply their forces. As one such mission was returning from a successful drop-off, it was intercepted by an American force consisting entirely of destroyers. The result would be one of the more significant destroyer actions of the war. Arleigh Burke, famed Destoyerman, sought an opportunity to employ better coordinated torpedo and gun tactics. With the advantage of radar, he meant to deploy his main squadron across the "Tee" and launch a barrage of torpedoes. Upon impact his second squadron would open with guns to capitalize on the surprise of the unexpected torpedo hits. This action forever enshrined Burke into the annals of seapower history. Can you do it?

SMJ03 - - - Juneau vs Submarine:
Semi-historical. Aftermath of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Three wounded warriors make their way to Espiritu Santu, but are intercepted by submarines. Historically, I-21 put two torpedoes into USS Juneau, what can you do? Two escorting destroyers added for the fun of the USN player. All subs and the two DDs each have separate random deployment boxes for fun repeat play. Enjoy!

SMJ04 - - - Another Run of the Tokyo Express
Hypothetical. Another night run down to Guadalcanal. A Dirty night op in the slot. The US Navy is severely outgunned in this op, if the Japanese combine, so be careful. At the start the Japanese transport destroyers have become separated and lag behind the escorts.

SMJ05 - - - The Prize:
Hypothetical, but hey, it could have happened! This scenario assumes the Cape Esperance action turned out the way it probably should have given the American confusion. - - - - Dawn approaches and the Japanese think they can get a major propaganda coup if they take as prize USS San Francisco, left for sinking by the USN. The USN, badly hurt in the night action, regroups to prevent this. Sink the Prize or stave off the Japanese capture attempts!

SMJ06 - - - Blockade Duty:
December 1943 - The stranglehold upon the mainlands of Japan is increasing and is having effect. Oil and goods from the resource-rich lands of the southwest must reach the home islands to support the war effort. Two USN submarines, working together, discover a convoy and must manuever to intercept and destroy as much shipping as possible. For the IJN player - avoid contact and save your shipping. Random deployment boxes for the subs and the escorts make for repeatable enjoyment.

SMJ07 - - - Blockade II (lite):
Another day, another dollar. A two sub USN "wolfpack" has tracked a convoy coming up from the Sumatra resource area heading toward the home islands carrying oil and goods to support the training of a new batch of aviators. Sunrise looms and watch for squalls. Oh, and the escorts!


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10-25-2013, 10:28 PM,
zicon 2  RE: Self designed Guadalcanal Scenarios
If anyone tries these, I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!
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