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Poll: Which cover art picture to you like better?
This poll is closed.
Sicily '43
7 43.75%
Moscow '42
9 56.25%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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The Best of John Tiller Cover Art: Poll 15 Round 1
11-18-2012, 02:31 AM,
zicon 1  The Best of John Tiller Cover Art: Poll 15 Round 1
We have finally reached the last poll for round one! Smile

Here is the next poll in our Round 1 of The Best of John Tiller Cover Art Contest. These fun polls will eventually lead to our favorite cover art picture that has been released in the following series from John Tiller HPS and JTS titles: PzC, MC, and FWWC.

The rules are simple. Each member is allowed to vote once for their favorite game picture that is displayed. The winning picture will advance to the next round, and this will continue until we declare a winner.

The final two cover art pictures to compete against each other in round one are Sicily '43 vs Moscow '42.

Remember we are not voting on which game you like better. We are just voting for fun as to which cover art picture you like the best out of the two that are displayed below.

Voting will last for seven days.

[Image: 579d8d5593Sicily 43 Cover Art.jpg]

[Image: ba53eab3cfMoscow 42 cover art.jpg]

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