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Modding the Matrix Game Menu?
05-13-2012, 07:37 AM,
Modding the Matrix Game Menu?
I posted this at Matrix and I'll ask here too

"When I tried to start the exe from the folder, I got a 486 error. I then tried EF and got the same. Starting from the Matrix game menu shortcut works fine for EF, WF and RS. Since Mike used a modified rising sun exe, I renamed the Rising Sun folder and then renamed the Korean War folder to Rising Sun. Then I can start the Korean War mod from the Rising Sun shortcut on the Matrix menu.

I wonder if someone could mod the game menu to add other exes like the Lapland mod and Korean War mod? "

Basically my question is can someone crack open the menu code and add shortcuts to other folders inside the JTCS install so that if you have mods you can start them from the menu?
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