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If you send Private Message's (PM) please read this thread for important information.
09-01-2011, 05:21 AM,
zicon 3  If you send Private Message's (PM) please read this thread for important information.
You may or may not be aware that there are at present two systems to send Private Messages (PM) at the club, one works through the actual site (link at the top RH side of the page) and one through the forum software (through link at the top centre of the forum page).

If you use the PM system provided by the forum software then you will be effected by an important change starting from the 1st October. From that date the forum PM system will be disabled and all PM's will then be sent via the site PM system (see image below)....

[Image: 2c45aa6d42PM image22.JPG]

We are making this change because having two systems does lead to confusion with members thinking their PM has gone missing because they have sent it via one system and the recipient looking in the inbox of the other!

As the two systems are very similar in how they operate (i have used both with no issues) i can see no obvious problems stemming from this change, however it is just possible that there are members who have stored important PM's in the forum system that is being closed down, so for that reason i am giving a month's notice of this change and should anyone have messages they wish to keep they can either copy & paste the info into note pad or word or if you have a lot of messages there is an "export" tool you can use (details from myself if you need guidance on that).

We hope this change will not cause members any issues, our webmaster will be putting some code into operation so should you click the forum PM link by mistake (or habit) you will be redirected to the site PM area, i suggest that everyone starts to use the site PM system from today so we can be sure there are no PM's in the forum system on changeover day. ;)
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