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New procedure to delete games results.
07-14-2011, 07:34 AM,
zicon 3  New procedure to delete games results.
There has been a change to the procedure to delete game results, until now if you wanted to delete a game result you clicked the "delete" link on your profile page for the particular scenario in question.....

[Image: 127e6c939eDelete.jpg]

...but you now need the consent of your opponent for the game in question to complete the deletion procedure.

From today if you wish to delete a game result you still click this same link but now your opponent will be sent an Email with your request that they also click the "delete" link on their profile page (or a link included in the message) at which point the result will be removed and both players sent a confirmation message.

If you opponent does not respond to your request within a few days or there is a dispute regarding the result being deleted, the matter should be presented to the relevant ladder Commander, the Webmaster or myself, if that officer is satisfied the result should be removed they can complete the procedure themselves.
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