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Scenario missing from the drop-down when i try to report game..
05-29-2011, 07:30 AM,
Scenario missing from the drop-down when i try to report game..
If you come across this page,most likely you just tried to report a game for a scenario which isn't yet listed in our database.In this particular case,you have two options:
1)You wait until someone adds the scenario to the database
2)You add the scenario to our database

If you opted for 2) the procedure should be quite straightforward.
a)In the Scenarios area click on the 'Add Scenario Info to DB' button.
b)Select the Combat Mission:Battle for Normandy ladder and the Combat Mission:Battle for Normandy game.
c)Enter the details of the scenario.
Scenario Name: The title of the scenario
Scenario's Author: The name of the author of the scenario.Can be left blank if the author is unknown.
Scenario's number of turns- The number of minutes the battle will last.If the scenario is 30 minutes long,you should input 30.If it's 1 hour long you should input 60.
Scenario size modifier(SM)- The Size Modifier.It can be determined from the table found here: http://www.theblitz.org/scenarios/action=sm#CMBN .Basically the SM is a combination between Battle Size/Length of Battle.Eg: for a Small scenario with a length of 1 hour the SM is 4.
Scenario File You can upload the scenario's file,so it will be available for download by other members.
Scenario's URL Useful field,if you are a scenario author and you have a site where updated versions of the scenario can be found.
Select 1st side/Select 2nd side The sides of the scenario.The order in which the sides are inputed isn't important.

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