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New Scenario
11-21-2010, 10:04 AM,
New Scenario
I have added an new scenario, if anyone is interested to test it out, or play the scenario, the name is RG. I hope I did everything right :)



For those of you who enjoy large scenarios, you may enjoy this one. This scenario has no historical signifiagance what so ever, just a large map, large units and plenty of guaranteed carnage over a period of 100 turns.

This scenario should not be considered pro Axis or Allied, it is what it is, it is at the end of the war and the Soviets have more air and ground units, the Axis have the superior units and have an equal chance to be victorious. Just to touch on objective hexes, I was never a big fan of them and never agreed that an end result, win or lose should depend on how much or what type of ground you hold onto or capture, that is why the victory points concerning a win or loss are low except for the major victory and which you can only achieve if you do battle. The objective of this scenario is not only to take land but to destroy the other sides units and or fight your way towards the ends of the map and exit via the exit hexes. In other words, this scenario forces you to fight :).


With the Soviets moving towards Berlin with the objective of encirclement, Hitler orders the last two fully intact SS Panzer Corps, supported by MarkVI E heavy tanks and a vast array of other support units, to drive South from East Prussia and break through to Berlin and save the day.

British and American intelligence inform Stalin of the German movement South towards Berlin. All that stands between the Axis breakthrough to Berlin are four Soviet Guards Infantry Divisions and a Artillery Division, deployed along the entire length of the last river before Berlin.
Marshall Konev orders 2 Soviet Guards Tank Army's earmarked for the advance to Berlin to move North to meet the oncoming Axis SS Panzer Corps formations.

The heavy spring rains makes vehicle movement very slow; mud, rain, and overflowing river banks turns normal dry lands into swamp and marsh areas. Only a few permanent bridges are still intact, other bridges are mad passable by installing make shift pontoon bridges. The Engineers of both sides and other special units could play both a tactical and strategic role in the the upcoming battle, so use them carefully. The Soviets sent out forward patrols and scouts accompanied by mine squads construction units to lay mines build blocks to slow down the Axis advance long enough until the 2 tank Armies can move into position to check the Axis advance.

Recon is very important in this scenario, because all is not as it seems. Without the proper reconnaissance you may have wasted valuable time moving units to an area that is impassable.

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11-21-2010, 11:10 AM,
RE: New Scenario

I feel that this scenario is only suited for H2H or a Team Game, playing the AI is really not a good option.

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11-25-2010, 05:23 AM,
RE: New Scenario
(11-21-2010, 11:10 AM)Troll Wrote: NOTE

I feel that this scenario is only suited for H2H or a Team Game, playing the AI is really not a good option.


Sign me up, I'll play which ever side you'd like. Eric
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