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Welcome to the TOC ladder & Info/links that everyone will find useful
06-11-2010, 08:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-08-2019, 07:56 AM by Mr Grumpy.)
zWrite a Note  Welcome to the TOC ladder & Info/links that everyone will find useful
Welcome gamers to the Tiller Operational Campaigns (TOC) ladder. This part of The Blitzkrieg club is dedicated to the operational games in the HPS/JTS gaming company line up.
  • We discuss all aspects of the games here.
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • New ideas to enhance the games' enjoyment or historical interest.
  • Modification and scenarios developed by other members.
  • Responses to queries from folks directly and indirectly involved in HPS/JTS game development.

A great community awaits you here on this forum. If you have any questions about this forum, or just need a helping hand, contact myself or my associate RickyB and we will respond.

Below is some great links and other information about what our community has to offer.
Darran Fowler (aka Mr Grumpy)

All the text in green are links to other pages/sites, all the text in blue are email addresses.

Supported Games (All HPS/JTS).
All Panzer Campaigns (PzC) Titles,
All Modern Campaign (MC) Titles,
First World War Campaigns (FWWC), France 14 & East Prussia 14
Total War In Europe (TWiE), The First Blitzkrieg and War On The Southern Front.

PBEM Etiquette
Make sure you and your opponent have the latest patch (available from HPS site or JTS site for later titles) and use the default optional rules or if you are not using the default optional rules discuss which ones you will be using before you start the game.
Other than the default rules,never agree to use optional rules that you don't fully understand the effects on play, it is a favourite tactic of "sharks" to use optional rules that slant the scenario in their direction, so beware.
To help further here is a article on the optional rules that you will useful Optional Rules Article .
Please do not just disappear if you need a break from a game or you wish to end a game, have the courtesy to Email your opponent to explain that you are taking time off or you no longer wish to continue the game.

Scenarios supported on this ladder
Stock scenarios
These come by default with the game.
Mod scenarios
These have been created by players using the editor, some of these have been through the Blitz's own testing system and are labeled "H2H Approved".
Volcano Man's Alt scenarios
These are edited versions of other designers stock scenarios that have been created by Volcano Man using his own unit values and use specific Optional rules Optional Rules Article these scenarios and artwork enhancements can be found at the VMods site (see link below). *Update: If you upgrade your PzC titles to Gold standard then the Alt scenarios will be added to the title by default*

All of the above scenarios can be reported on this ladder and all earn equal ladder points.

Mod scenario list
This is a forum that contains almost one hundred Mod scenarios created by using the scenario editor by ladder members over the years, these scenarios can be completely new or edited versions of existing stock scenarios and there are scenarios for just about every title this ladder supports. The list also includes the H2H Approved Mods (see above), all the scenarios are listed in the scenario database and can be reported to the TOC ladder and earn the same points as a stock scenario.

The forum is located here....... Mod scenario list

Active/Inactive Status
Any player who has not reported a game for a year becomes inactive and his stats are archived on the DB, the only way to regain active ladder status again is to play and report a new game!

However being inactive on the ladders does NOT impact on your ability to post on the forums.

CG bonus.
Any players who reach the last turn of any stock campaign game or other large scenario (SM8 or larger) can apply for a 25 point bonus, please send the final turn file (with password) to RickyB.

Old Player Profiles.
#1 RickyB, #2 Mike Bowen, #3 Al, #4 Bushman, #5 Volcano Man, #6 Hadge, #7 FLG, #8 Engelbrekt, #9 Hog Of War, #10 Tide1, #11 mirrorshades, #12 Belisarius, #13 Sgt Fury, #14 Landser34, #15 Foul, #16 CptCav, #17 Typhoon, #18 Airedale, #19 Krak, #20 TeT2, #21 PK Powers, #22 Dog Soldier, #23 Kharkov, #24 Marquo, #25 paulj, #26 Vaevictis,

Useful links to PzC/MC/FWWC related sites.
John Tiller Software
Volcano Man Art/Alt scenario download site.
HPS site.
HPS PzC patchs.
HPS MC patchs.
HPS WW2 In Europe The First Blitzkrieg patchs.

PzC/MC/FWWC Articles.
PzC/MC/FWWC Articles

After Action Reports
Make sure you check out the AAR sub forum Here for some great AAR posts and links to other great AAR's on the Blitz site.

There are bonus points on offer for any completed AAR posted.

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