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05-26-2010, 09:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-26-2010, 09:50 AM by Ratzki.)
Combat Mission FAQ
As you are reading this, I assume that you have discovered what great games the Combat Mission (CM) series are. To help you get involved in our small section of the Blitz website, you will find below some of the more common questions you may pose as you explore the Blitz.
Am I required to sign up to a Ladder?
No, but you may find it a little tougher to find opponents to play against if you do not. Participation in Ladder reported games are always up for discussion with your potential opponent, but do so before the game(s) start so that there are no surprises later.

How do I find a game?
You could contact another member using their email address that you would find in their profile, but a more effective way would be to post a new thread in the main Combat Mission section. State how many games you are looking to play, what kind of games, scenarios or QUICK BATTLES, and anything else that will help others decide if they want to get involved. Be specific, be polite, and make sure that as soon as you have enough games going that you update your post to say so. Most players will find their posts answered within a couple of days. Summertime and holidays are always a little slower.

My opponent has stopped contacting me, when can I declare victory?
There really is no hard fast rule. I would discuss a time-line of no contact with your opponent before the game starts, that way both players know what to expect if one or the other should suddenly stop communications without stating a reason. I think you should be open to being flexible. Real Life happens and some things cannot be avoided or planned around. Maybe give the guy the benefit of the doubt for a couple weeks. Then if still no contact, you could post a FLARE on the message boards looking for the missing party. If still no contact, you could post again and set a time limit where-after you will be declaring victory if not contact is made.

What's this Boot Camp that I now seem to be a member of and how do I get out?
When you first sign up on the CM Ladder, you will be placed in Boot Camp. This gives the admin. a chance to see who you are and makes it easier to delete you off the Ladder should you decide not to visit the website any more. After you have completed and reported one game, you will be moved to the main Ladder. Make sure that you report any game that you finish to get out of Boot Camp.

Report a game, how?
Login to the site using your user name and password
From the menu, G1- Admin., select REPORT A GAME
Follow the on-screen instructions.

The scenario that I just played is not in the list, can I add it so that I will be able to REPORT a game?
If you have a completed a game and the scenario is not listed in the database follow the instructions below to add the scenario information to the database.

Determine Scenario SM
Open scenario in Scenario Editor built in to Combat Mission
Go to the unit purchase screen and total the unit points for both sides. (eg. 500 German pts. + 500 Russian pts. = 1000 total pts.)
Reference the SM Table, found in on the G4 - Scenarios page. (eg. 1000 pts. = SM 2)
Add Scenario Info to DB
Click the ADD SCENARIO INFO to DB link on the right side of the Scenarios page. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the scenario information. You will need to know the date that the scenario is set, the number of turns (do not use the "+" ), the author (if known), and the file name. You will need to have the scenario file archived in ZIP format with archive name the same as the scenario file name (eg. scenario.cmb would be zipped to scenario.zip) If you wish to upload it into our server for others to download.
This is NOT a requirement to upload the scenario file into our DB.

I have just found this(these) game(s) in the bargain bin, and am very new, where could I go to get more information on the ins and outs of CM?
There is no need to go anywhere else. These games have been around for some time now and you might not be able to find many active discussions on units, tactics, and whatnot, but don't let this stop you, post a new thread on the CM message board and there will likely be several people who will do their best to answer you questions. The Blitz even has a small Tech. Section in the message area for any issues that you might come across trying to get the games to work with whatever software/hardware that you presently have.
The Blitz would like to welcome you and hope that you have a very good time visiting and posting here often.

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