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Any opponent?
10-27-2009, 04:22 AM,
Any opponent?
I have one pbem slot open currently. Any takers? We can discuss the title as I am open to suggestions.
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10-27-2009, 08:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-27-2009, 11:50 AM by keif149.)
RE: Any opponent?
Good day Sir,

If you still have a slot open.

Been wanting to play some SB. I prefer Vietnam or TOD, but would be up for anything. I believe I have all of the titles and mods.
Set something up and send it to:

keif149(at)columbus.rr.com main email

keif149(at)hotmail.com backup


I don't have DBP yet.
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10-29-2009, 05:14 AM,
RE: Any opponent?
Thanks for the game. Turn sent.
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