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H2H-#16_07s: The Peiper is Paid_Alt by Volcano Man.
11-28-2008, 06:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-05-2010, 05:53 AM by Mr Grumpy.)
H2H-#16_07s: The Peiper is Paid_Alt by Volcano Man.
H2H-#16_07s: The Peiper is Paid_Alt
West Wall, Dec 16th 1944: The 1st SSLAH Panzer Division was the
strongest fighting unit in the Sixth Panzer Army. Undiluted by
any large influx of untrained replacements, it had an available
armored strength on Dec 16th of about a hundred tanks, equally
divided between Mark IVs and Panthers, plus forty-two Tiger tanks
belonging to the 501st SS Panzer Detachment. The road net in
the Sixth Panzer Army would not permit the commitment of the
1st SS Panzer as a division, even if two of the five roads allocated
the army were employed. The division was therefore divided into
four columns or kampfgruppen: the first, commanded by Colonel
Peiper, contained the bulk of the 1st Panzer Regiment and thus
represented the armored spearhead of the division. The original
route for Peiper's KG was Route D assigned by 6th SS Pz Korps.
Peiper could not follow the route exactly as given for a variety
of reasons. The actual route he took was Losheim, Lanzerath,
Honsfeld, Bullingen, Moderscheid, Ligneuville, here the road
divided. Peiper had a precisely defined mission: his KG was to
seize the Meuse River crossings at Huy, making full use of the
element of surprise and driving west without regard to any flank
protection. Therefore, his path lay straight ahead, through Stavelot,
Trois Ponts, Werbomont, Ouffet, Seny, Huy - a distance of some
50 miles. Only a few short miles to the north lay Malmedy and
the road to Spa and Liege. Malmedy and the Meuse crossing sites
in the vicinity of Liege, however, were in the zone assigned
the 12th SS Panzer Division. Whatever timetable he was using,
if indeed he had any precise timetable in mind, his KG was making
good progress and the element of surprise, as shown by the lack
of any formal resistance, was working to his advantage. This
explains why Peiper stuck to this route. This scenario was designed
for you to follow in Peiper's footsteps, although having much
more information, and hindsight from 50 years ago, may give you
an edge.

Edited by Volcano Man, medium scenario 38 turns.

Designers notes
This scenario was altered to allow German and SS panzer and
panzer grenadier division as well as corps and army level pioneers
to breakdown into companies. This allows more flexibility but
still restricts other lower quality axis divisions. *Some of
the US 2nd and 99th Infantry Division's artillery was removed
on the north edge of the map since they would have been supporting
the rest of its division to the northeast. The US 7th Armored
Division arrives at its historical time and location on the north
edge of the map. Historically it moved south along two routes.
The eastern route went through Malmedy-Ligneuville-Recht and
the western route went through Stavelot-Wanne-Vielsalm-Poteau.
Two combat commands setup northwest of St Vith at Recht and Poteau and a third remained in reserve, defending the supply line through Vielsalm. It is in the allied player's best interest to move
the 7th Armored Division to their historical locations rather
than falling for the temptation of defending the Warche River
crossings from Peiper or else the Axis player can easily take
over 500 points from the St Vith area and will probably eventually
get across the Warche anyway.

I cannot stress enough that the unit ratings are so perticular that the following and exact optional rules must be selected or you could get results that are not intended.

This is the case if you are playing a _Alt scenario as a ladder game or running a H2H test on a _Alt scenario.

These optional rules are also found in each notes files in the Alt art / scenario pack.

Here are the optional rules to be used:
[Image: optrules3.jpg]

*Note* If you are playing an ALT scenario in an older PzC title that does not yet have the Quality Fatigue Modifier optional rule, then just play it without the rule. For the most part, the difference in results are not all that drastic as both sides suffer and benefit equally from the rules use, or non use.

That said, the ALT scenarios were created with this rule in mind so when it becomes available you should use it.

Click this link to obtain the scenario files Volcano Mods

Any comments/feedback can be posted in this thread.
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