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0705_03e: Kursk Army Group South by Michael Tonks
07-27-2008, 10:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-03-2010, 08:23 AM by Mr Grumpy.)
0705_03e: Kursk Army Group South by Michael Tonks
0705_03e: Kursk Army Group South
This scenario is essentially a cut down version of the full campaign game that is limited to the offensive operations of Army Group South. It is a larger game than the 'Welcome to the Fascists' scenario (WTTF). This scenario aims at creating a more balanced situation with victory possible for both sides. The game differs from WTTF in that the map is much larger so the Russians are unlikely to be pushed right off the map (a major problem in WTTF) and there are more options for the Russians in so far as where their tank reserves will go. Also both sides have more troops available (due to the extension to the south east) but this should favour the Russians overall. Russian air power is also increased with more air units available. The VP schedule is based on WTTF but is increased by 500 points for play balance and the extra VP hexes available for German capture. There is also a German VP exit hex which leads to Kursk and a Russian VP exit hex on the south west edge. I believe this scenario will play out better than WTTF and it offers players the chance to play the most interesting part of the Kursk battle. The only changes made from the stock OB and PDT files are more supply sources for the Russians, German air interception reduced to 50%, Soviet breakdown reduced to 6%, Russian and German AC defence values reduced to 5 or 6 and German Flak half tracks changed to soft targets. Many thanks to the original designers and researchers for producing such a great game.

Large Scenario 120 turns, Designer Michael Tonks

Download Scenario Files

Any comments you would like to leave about this scenario can be posted in this thread.
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